arkona will conduct demonstrations of BLADE//runner core infrastructure and the cloud-based manifold CLOUD live production system, and present a session on live broadcast developments

arkona BLADE runner

arkona technologies GmbH, provider of IP core infrastructure for broadcast production, is attending the upcoming METexpo 2024 in Sydney from 5 to 7 March. The arkona team will be conducting demonstrations of its BLADE//runner core infrastructure and manifold CLOUD – a cloud-based live production system from manifold technologies.

Erling Hedkvist, sales & business development for arkona, will be on hand on the stand to demonstrate BLADE//runner and answer questions about its features and potential to change modern live production processes. BLADE//runner is a suite of software and hardware designed for live broadcast where agility and scalability are essential, and is built with a range of tools including audio/video routing, metadata, compression and processing.

For flexibility, BLADE//runner’s core is modular, which allows resources and functions to be created or deleted on-the-fly, and is controlled through an open API as well as through NMOS IS-04/-05. Arkona’s approach to software development is fast and iterative, done in cooperation with clients and partners.

manifold CLOUD

Erling will also be available to demonstrate manifold CLOUD for arkona’s technology partner, manifold technologies. manifold CLOUD gives users access to virtualised, configurable live production functionality through a single-sign-on web UI. Multiviewer, up/down/cross conversion, colourspace conversion, audio shuffling and other services are available.

The system is capable of handling very demanding live sports, entertainment and news productions while maintaining scalability, quick deployment and unified control – as well as sub-frame latency performance. Configuration is simple, and production set-ups may be saved as code. manifold CLOUD is inherently self healing for resiliency and will automatically recover from processing failure.

arkona’s demonstrations and display can be found on Magna Systems & Engineerings Stands 46 - 49 in the Kensington Room at Royal Randwick Racecourse in Sydney, where METexpo will be held.

“It’s important to us to not only innovate with products that help move the broadcast industry forward, but also to be able to demonstrate and share these innovations with users around the world,” Erling said. “We value our customers in Australia and the Asia Pacific region and feel there’s no better way to show our support than to spend time with them on Magna’s stand showing how these system can save them considerable time and money.”


arkona BLADE runner fpga

In addition, Erling will present a paper titled A Promising Technology Innovation for Tier-1 Live Broadcast Productions on Thursday, 7 March at 2PM in the Breakout Room. The session will explore the rise of COTS FPGA PACs, delving into their benefits over traditional GPU and CPU architectures for specialised industries such as Tier-1 Live Broadcast Productions.

“I’m looking forward to discussing the benefits of Commercially Available Off the Shelf COTS FPGA (Field) Programmable Acceleration Cards (PACs) during this special technology presentation,” he said. “These latest generation compute acceleration cards have already gained immense popularity and now are poised to change the Broadcast & Media industry as we know it.”