A new partnership will add TAG’s software to Amagi’s cloud-based SaaS, bringing monitoring to content owners publishing on FAST channels and deploying services on broadcast platforms.

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TAG Video Systems, specialists in software-based IP monitoring and visualisation systems, has announced a partnership with Amagi, cloud-based SaaS developer for broadcast and connected TV. Under this partnership, Amagi will add TAG’s product platform to its suite of cloud SaaS products, bringing monitoring capabilities to content owners publishing on FAST channels as well as to those deploying services on broadcast platforms.

Amagi’s goal is to ensure customers have access to modern monitoring tools to control and protect the value of new revenue streams as the company’s support for live digital linear channels grows. Currently, the services on Amagi’s platform address channel creation, content distribution and CTV monetisation, building unified cloud workflows for TV and OTT.

TAG’s applications manage real-time IP probing and monitoring, visualisation at all points on the workflow and data utilisation analytics. They integrate directly into Amagi cloud and SaaS systems, expanding its scope of operations with support for new delivery protocols, easing the adoption of new business models and, ultimately, enhancing its Quality of Service for customers. The initial launch of this integration takes advantage of TAG’s APIs to allow Amagi to efficiently monitor substantial numbers of streams.

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Ziv Mor, Chief Growth Officer at TAG Video Systems, commented, "Our collaboration with Amagi demonstrates the adaptability of the TAG platform, easily integrating sophisticated monitoring capabilities into a wide scope of formats and delivery protocols. We're confident that our combined efforts will give Amagi’s customers the tools they need to keep up with the industry’s most advanced technologies, keep them ahead of the competition, and drive their business strategies."

Srinivasan KA, Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer at Amagi, stated, "We are pleased to collaborate with TAG Video Systems, known for its expertise in real-time media performance monitoring. Aligned with our commitment to delivering a high level of service, TAG’s all-software, cloud native capabilities will allow us to supply more accurate, reliable services to customers."

As this collaboration progresses, both TAG and Amagi are preparing to explore deeper integrations and develop further innovations for the media industry. tagvs.com