Raiden combines data gathering, processing and visualisation tools to help broadcasters upgrade the impact of their news programming with dynamic weather and climate content.

RossVideo Raiden

Ross Video’s new Raiden data-driven weather graphics software, running on the XPression graphics engine, is designed to help newsrooms upgrade the impact of their programming with more effective real-time weather content.

The first release of Raiden updates XPression with weather-specific graphics, and integrates directly with existing production workflows through a web-based tool. Meteorologists can use the new tools to collaborate with producers and designers, and prepare weather and climate content anywhere.

Raiden is the most recent package in the lineup of Ross Graphics software, which so far includes the XPression Real-Time Motion Graphics system, the PIERO Sports Analysis toolset and Ross’ Voyager Unreal-based Engine with the Lucid Control System.

Ross Raiden story bldr

Web-based UI for story and rundown building

Raiden is specialised for the way graphics are now used in modern newsrooms, and facilitates collaboration across departments. The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RUV) is the first to adopt the Raiden system in their newsroom.

RUV’s Head of Production Gisli Berg said, “Raiden has changed our approach to weather storytelling, mainly by removing the limitations our old system placed on collaboration and accessing content from outside our newsroom. Now that they can work together more effectively, our news and weather teams can produce higher-quality content, and the ability to access and prepare content from anywhere has made their job easier."

Meteorologists and content creators who need to produce distinctive, interesting weather narratives can use Raiden to aggregate data. The software includes tools that acquire, process and visualise selected weather data for the XPression graphics engine from a wide range of sources.

Ross Raiden XPression Datalinq

Data integration with DataLinq

A web-based Interface is also available for users working from any location to quickly put together or update complete weather stories and rundowns to use in live production. Users can build stories online, save templates and reuse predefined layouts.

Broadcasters using an XPression Plugin with DataLinq can integrate the data that drives graphics – in this case, weather statistics, forecasts and updates – in real-time, making it possible to design and operate news and weather content from a single graphics platform.