Zixi - Software Defined Video Platform: SDVP


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Zixi is the architect of the Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP), the industry’s most complete live IP video workflow solution providing unparalleled live video delivery performance running over the Zixi Enabled Network which is the industry’s largest ecosystem and consists of more than 1,000 media companies and 400 technology partners globally.

The SDVP enables media organizations to economically and easily source, manage, localize and distribute live events and 24/7 live linear channels in broadcast QoS, securely and at scale, using any form of IP network or hybrid environment. Superior video distribution over IP is achieved via four components

1.Protocols- Zixi’s congestion and network-aware protocol adjusts to varying network conditions and employs forward error-correction techniques for error-free video transport over IP. As a universal gateway, standards-based protocols such as RIST and open source SRT are supported, alongside common industry protocols such as RTP, RTMP, HLS and DASH. Zixi supports 18 different protocols and containers – the only platform designed to do so.

2.Video Solutions Stack – Provides essential tools and core media processing functions that enable broadcasters to transport live video over any IP network, correcting for packet loss and jitter. This software manages all supported protocols, transcoding and format conversion, collects transport analytics, monitors content quality and layers intelligence on top of the protocols such as bonding and patented hitless failover across any configuration and any IP infrastructure, allowing users to achieve 5-nines reliability.

3.ZEN Master – The SDVP’s control plane enabling users to intelligently provision, deploy, manage and monitor thousands of content channels across the Zixi Enabled Network, including 400+ Zixi enabled partner solutions such as encoders, cloud media services, editing systems and ad insertion and video management systems. With such as extensive network of partner-enabled systems, Zixi ZEN Master presents an end-to-end view across the complete live video supply chain.

4.Intelligent Data Platform – A data-driven advanced analytics system that collects billions of telemetry points a day to clearly present actionable insights and real-time alerts. The IDP leverages cloud AI and purpose-built ML models to identify anomalous behavior, rate overall delivery health and predict impending issues. The IDP includes a data bus that aggregates over nine billion data points daily from hundreds of thousands of inputs within the Zixi Enabled Network, including over 400 partner solutions and proprietary data sources such as Zixi Broadcaster.

This telemetry data is then fed into five continuously updated machine-learning models where events are correlated and patterns discovered.With clean, modern dashboards and market-defining real-time analytics, the SDVP enables users to focus on what’s important, with intelligent alerts and health scores generated by Zixi’s AI/ML models helping sift through and aggregate data trends so that operations teams always have the insights they need without data overload. At a time that sees the normalization of remote working and a proliferation in the ways programs reach viewers, Zixi’s SDVP provides the agility, reliability and broadcast-quality video securely from any source to any destination over flexible IP video routes.