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Zixi-as-a-Service (ZaaS) is a complete solution for enabling live video distribution from any location, in any format, delivered over any protocol, to any destination. ZaaS provides everything needed to receive contribution feeds and process, transcode, package and deliver them to any target location. It orchestrates cloud ingress into geographically distributed cloud operating environments, And for customers that require live transcoding or other processing support, ZaaS provisions the necessary cloud infrastructure and automates distribution of low-latency broadcast -quality live video to any number of targets and end points.

ZaaS customers have full visibility across the operating environment with Zixi ZEN Master providing real-time status views and access to all managed channel and infrastructure resources. In addition to the purpose-built live video operational model that ZaaS enables, customers benefit from significant cloud egress fee mitigation and cost efficiencies. Delivering video through cloud infrastructure offers significant advantages in today’s market. Zixi customers are facing rapidly changing business and operating models and require the agility and scale that cloud delivers. The first wave of cloud adoption saw video distributors migrate large swaths of their post-processing and delivery infrastructure to public cloud partners.

In 2022, video publishers moved more contribution and remote production workflows to the cloud and have been implementing multi-cloud strategies to mitigate risk and optimize costs. ZaaS is a key part of our customer’s multi-cloud strategies. Most customers are partnered with a public cloud provider like AWS, Azure or GCP, but protecting themselves from outages associated with a specific provider is increasingly becoming a high priority. ZaaS provides a complete video-optimized cloud operating environment for live video distribution, securing a diverse signal path for uninterrupted streaming and providing industry-best egress rates that dramatically reduce cost. At the heart of ZaaS is Zixi ZEN Master, which seamlessly coordinates bonding live channel distribution in both the customer public cloud account and the ZaaS account.

This is critical to enabling continuous uninterrupted hitless playback, even if there are significant outages within either operating environment. ZaaS is built on top of the Zixi Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP). Key benefits of ZaaS include -Centralized Management: ZEN Master provides a centralized video of the entire Zixi Enabled contribution and distribution network.Security- Best-in-class enhanced with DTLS and AES standards-based protection-Reliability: Experience ~ 100% uptime with Zixi’s patent pending hitless failover that provides redundant transmission options for high reliability and disaster recovery-Ultra-Low Latency With network adaptive forward error correction and recovery, proven millisecond live linear latency-High Availability Leverage the SDVP on Zixi-as-a-Service to bond and load balance diverse internet or fiber circuits for increased high availability between facilities. Interoperability: Zixi is compatible with the largest ecosystem of encoders and decoders and live video protocols.