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ViewLift is a leading driver of market impact and innovation in the dynamic global streaming landscape. Powering industry titans such as NBCUniversal, Nexstar Media Group, the NHL, the Stanley Cup Champion Vegas Golden Knights, and Monumental Sports, as well as disruptors like MotoAmerica, The Rugby Network, and LIV Golf, ViewLift has redefined the sports media streaming paradigm through its rapid introduction of pioneering technology.ViewLift’s ability to seamlessly deliver live and on-demand content through native-branded apps across web and mobile devices, smart TVs, and gaming consoles is of enormous importance to leading streaming players. Its end-to-end ownership of the entire technology stack allows ViewLift to achieve unmatched agility and a remarkably short time to market – a critical differentiator in the highly competitive streaming marketplace.

ViewLift’s unique modular framework is at the heart of its success, offering rapid scalability and adaptability. It allows low-latency streaming across concurrent users to ensure no compromise on the viewing experience – particularly for live sports. The platform’s integration capabilities extend across payment gateways, ad networks, and marketing CRM systems – enhancing subscriber insights for effective acquisition, upsell, and retention campaigns.Furthermore, ViewLift’s ability to integrate a spectrum of third-party tools like Clevertap, Sport Buff, TAPPP, and more has elevated fan engagement and monetization capabilities across many customers. The incorporation of cutting-edge ad solutions has doubled clients’ CPMs through Google Ads, showcasing ViewLift’s dedication to maximizing revenue for its clients.ViewLift’s ability to innovate with unparalleled speed is exemplified by its partnership with LIV Golf, the global league that challenged the dominance of the PGA.

ViewLift was able to turn the LIV Golf live-streaming concept into a high-quality, launch-ready service in just weeks, helping enable exponential growth when LIV launched in 2022 – reaching over 2.3 million subscribers across 180 territories and the #1 rank in Apple Store. ViewLift has continued to give LIV Golf an edge in efficiency and innovation through 2023, with the launch of exciting new content streams, such as live action from the driving range and practice green, hole cams, and team streams, plus the development of powerful new personalization features.Likewise, in 2023, ViewLift’s ability to quickly launch innovative features shone through in its work with the newly created Monumental Sports Network – rightsholder for the NHL’s Washington Capitals, NBA’s Washington Wizards, and WNBA’s Washington Mystics.

Monumental looked to ViewLift to build a new, enhanced direct-to-consumer streaming service fans could access for live games, pre-and post-game shows, sports news, replays, and other on-demand content. Optimizing the digital platform for desktop, mobile, and tablet through a new app, ViewLift has allowed exciting enhancements and innovations, including: •A User Interface (UI) that enhances the fan experience through game stats plus preview, pre-game, live and post-game content•Integration with SportRadar to offer data flowing through the UI and player •Integration with personalization platform WSC for AI-driven individualized clipping and highlights •Ability to watch content via a range of payment options, including TV account, subscriptions, TV everywhere, and pay-per-view•Personalize the Experience by ‘favouriting’ your team•Digital Video Recorder (DVR) enabled so users can watch the game from the beginning in case they join lateIn short, ViewLift empowers customers to achieve the innovation and agility they need. Its unique blend of technological excellence, modular adaptability, and rapid time-to-market set it apart from competitors. With a focus on enhancing user experiences, driving revenues, and redefining industry norms, ViewLift is truly shaking up the sports OTT streaming marketplace as it empowers clients to adapt to changing conditions rapidly.