Viaccess-Orca - VO QoX


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In today’s ultra-competitive video streaming landscape, delivering an outstanding quality of experience is critical to operators’ success. Offered as a SaaS with state-of-the-art QoE and QoS monitoring, failure prediction, and device monitoring, Viaccess-Orca’s (VO) QoX suite enables operators and service providers to ensure superior video streaming experiences at all times. The QoX suite offers unique features and benefits, including: Predictive monitoring: VO’s QoX suite offers an innovative predictive monitoring service powered by state-of-the-art data engineering technologies and advanced AI and data science capabilities. Trained on data, the predictive monitoring service identifies weak signals, giving the operations teams advance warning about possible service incidents.

The service also provides causality determination by allowing operators to pinpoint the affected TV platform component — meaning any issues negatively impacting the service can be identified and resolved quickly, which greatly improves subscribers’ satisfaction. Deeper UX insights: VO QoX suite provides comprehensive insights into the performance of video streaming services. With this solution, operators can see video streaming issues that subscribers are facing, gain insights into their streaming experience to make UX improvements, and investigate the quality of playback.

Better control over playback data: VO’s QoX suite is pre-integrated and bundled with the VO Secure Video Player, allowing operators to see data from the playback side of video streaming, which is crucial in gaining a deeper understanding of QoE and QoS issues. Operators benefit from using a single solution, without making any infrastructure upgrades or depending on access to CMS data. Real-time access to complex data: With VO QoX suite, operators gain an extensive understanding of streaming quality.

The suite provides more than 120 data points for each playback session in real time, including five important parameters outlined by the Streaming Video Technology Alliance: video start failure, time taken to start the playback, rebuffering, playback error, and stream quality. In addition, the QoX suite offers seamless integration with complex monitoring systems and datamining solutions, providing operators with access to real-time raw data and pre-processed graphs. VO’s QoX suite is also compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation, which is a legal requirement in Europe and sets a legal framework for handling personal information. Unparalleled flexibility and scalability: As a SaaS running on the cloud, VO’s QoX suite is based on state-of-the-art technologies that ensure high flexibility and scalability, addressing the unique business requirements of any-sized operator.

The QoX suite deserves to win the Digital Media World Award based on its highly flexible, scalable design combined with multi-components, full delivery chain monitoring, state-of-the-art QoE monitoring, QoS monitoring, predictive monitoring, and device monitoring. By monitoring the various components of the video delivery chain and optimizing their quality, VO’s QoX suite ensures uninterrupted, premium service, and empowers operators to improve subscriber satisfaction, reduce churn, extend viewing times, and ultimately grow their revenues.