Interra Systems - ORION Suite With ORION Content Manager (OCM) and ORION 2110 Probe


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At the heart of Interra Systems' ORION Suite is the ORION platform for 24x7 confidence monitoring of linear/IP video. This provides real-time monitoring of IP-based infrastructures, looking at all aspects of video streams, such as QoS, QoE, closed captions, ad-insertion verification, reporting, and troubleshooting. For live services and VOD assets, the ORION-OTT content monitoring solution brings these same capabilities to the multiscreen environment.

With ORION-OTT, streaming service providers can verify QoS and QoE for ABR videos, which includes checking for inconsistencies related to ABR package compliance, manifest and playlist syntax, download errors, and content quality. Both ORION and ORION-OTT have recently been enhanced with improved support for localization, Dolby Atmos, and scheduled reports. In addition, ORION now offers more HDR and ST2110 checks, and usability improvements in live monitoring views. Upgrades to ORION-OTT include monitoring of low-latency streams; more DASH compliance checks; improvements in freeze detection; support for Nagra and Comcast DRM; and updates to dynamic ad insertion (DAI) monitoring post server-side ad insertion (SSAI). These updates elevate the ORION Suite’s monitoring capabilities to help providers deliver a consistently high-quality user experience, which ultimately increases customer satisfaction and retention. In addition, the entire ORION Suite is ready for future networks with support for 4K HEVC and virtualized monitoring probes. For service providers to deliver video with a high QoE on every screen, improve operational efficiency, and increase monetization, comprehensive, enterprise-wide visibility into QoE and QoS issues is key.

Interra Systems’ ORION Central Manager (OCM) enables the central management of multiple ORION linear and ORION-OTT setups — either in the same or diverse geographic locations. Based on a distributed architecture, in which probes can be deployed at multiple points in the workflow, OCM increases flexibility and ensures efficient bandwidth management for operators by providing the most accurate depiction of QoE and QoS. And by offering a consolidated single-screen view of both linear and OTT workflows, OCM makes error detection and isolation faster and more efficient.

The latest version of the OCM solution offers service providers enhanced support for localization, RHEL 8.4, and new options to schedule database backups for disaster recovery. OCM also provides media professionals with improved end-to-end ad insertion monitoring capabilities — with a complete trail of DAI markers from pre-transcode to origin, and consolidated DAI reports for KPIs such as average ad break durations, intervals between ads, and ad policy compliance. Rounding out the ORION suite is the ORION 2110 Probe, which performs comprehensive ST 2110 monitoring for both QoS and QoE, including ST 2110 main and redundancy signals and NMOS-based ST 2110 feed discovery in the network, and supports PTP messages for all Ethernet network interfaces. With its most recent updates and feature enhancments, Interra Systems’ ORION content monitoring suite aligns perfectly with industry trends. The simple, yet powerful and comprehensive solution deserves to be recognized with a 2023 Digital Media World Award for offering broadcasters and service providers a future-proof approach to content monitoring, and in turn enabling them to elevate their viewers’ QoE to the next level.