AJA Video Systems - Diskover Media Edition v2.1


Categories Video Processing

Early in 2023, AJA announced several updates to its popular AJA Diskover Media Edition sustainable data management software.

Core software enhancements provide advanced security, enrich metadata with business context, bring users live insights into their data, and streamline deployment. Expanded search capabilities and new platform integrations save facilities time and afford more flexibility and coverage, while analytics improvements such as integration with the Xytech Media Operations Platform, Illegal File Name and Hash Differential Plug-ins help provide accuracy and granular data curation, offering meticulous data reporting and file naming. New popular seamless third-party platform integration is enabled via the CineSys Cineviewer Player plug-in, allowing end-users to validate media assets in a read-only environment, thus protecting source assets.

A powerful, purpose-built OxAgile plug-in further streamlines arduous content delivery tasks for IMF packages. For more information about AJA Diskover Media Edition v2.1, visit: www.aja.com/aja-diskover-media-edition.