Cinedeck - CD2 Ingest Software


Categories Production

CD2 Ingest Software is a windows-based ingest application that provides all the features and benefits of Cinedeck hardware platforms, but as a software only product. Edit while capture, playlist-playout and ingest scheduling are some of the available features.The software offers a playlist manager, which allows the user to create playlists of external and captured media, re-order clips with ease and playout SDI, SRT and NDI.

Users also have access to Chrome Browser and Dante Audio supports, which provides further control from Chrome and access to 64 channels of Dante Audio.An impressive User Interface (UI) displays up to 16 UI layouts to choose from, with customisable views and pre-sets. Users also have access to customisable overlays, varying access levels of admin, user and viewer, and the ability to enable drag and drop elements, keeping mouse clicks to a minimum. The UI is designed to control multiple servers and cloud instances all in one.

Supported modes of control include VDCP over IP, AMP, RS422, RS232 and RESTful API. Edit while capture allows for premiere XDCAM O1A & ProRes MOV. Then, for Avid: XDCAM, DNxHD/HR and ZAVC-HD with or without MediaCentral. CD2 Ingest Software is the perfect workflow tool to transform post-production processes into an efficient, re-imagined and future-proof scenario.