Ateliere - Connect


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Ateliere Connect is the cloud-native media supply chain that scales elastically to meet demand, making managing, storing, packaging, and delivering video content to OTT, broadcast, and cable endpoints simple and cost-effective. Key capabilities include its data analytics functionality that enables customers to optimize sales, plan resources and more.

Ateliere data analytics capabilities enable customers to easily measure media supply chain volume and performance. Powered by AWS QuickSight, the new functionality aggregates all processing events from acquisition to distribution into a single, accessible data warehouse. High-level KPIs are presented in an at-a-glance dashboard providing customer visibility into titles processed, rejected and delivered, enabling stakeholders to make calculated adjustments and projections quickly.

In addition, the system provides detailed reports that list every event by type, status, quality, technical specifications, and provider. It also tracks system events to identify peaks in content production. This gives businesses incredibly helpful information to forecast and plan for the future without needing a data scientist.

Beginning with the production or acquisition of an asset, the platform will watch each processing event, providing users with detailed information about the asset’s journey through the media supply chain. The result is a contextualized window into workflows, helping businesses isolate inefficiencies. For example, the system might reveal a higher than usual number of defects or failed events with a certain partner.

It could also help save on storage by identifying assets that can be archived because they're not processed as often as initially thought. Users can set email alerts to be notified of specific events or thresholds reached, a critical resource when there are preset operational parameters that users need to stay within. Results are fully exportable in formats like PDF or CSV to share further or import into other business platforms for an even broader view, and dashboards are fully customisable and shareable as well.