AJA Video Systems - DANTE AV 4K-T and 4K-R


Categories Streaming - Video Processing

AJA Dante AV 4K-T and 4K-R are transmitter/receiver converters for transporting and controlling low latency, professional quality 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD/VESA Dante video and audio to/from 12G-SDI or HDMI 2.0 devices over a 1 GigE Dante AV network. Audio and video streams from the AJA Dante AV 4K-T and 4K-R can be easily managed using the popular Dante Controller software. Building on AJA’s OG-DANTE-12GAM 12G-SDI/Dante 64-channel audio embedder/disembedder, these new devices allow AV teams, professionals who manage video distribution in a networked facility, and systems integrators to seamlessly incorporate high-quality, visually lossless video into AV-over-IP environments spanning stadiums, arenas, theaters, churches, schools, office complexes, hotels, conference rooms, and more.

Harnessing Audinate’s new Dante AV Ultra high image quality solution for standard 1 GigE networks, AJA Dante AV 4K-T converts 4K/UHD/2K/HD/VESA SDI and HDMI to Dante AV Ultra signals while Dante AV 4K-R supports conversion of Dante AV Ultra signals to 4K/UHD/2K/HD/VESA SDI and HDMI. Both devices offer unprecedented low latency and time synchronization, ensuring perfect lip sync to in-venue screens and for external broadcasts and streams. AJA Dante AV 4K-T and 4K-R also allow AV teams to leverage existing IP infrastructure and digital AV equipment across multiple physical locations for seamless video and boardroom conferencing technology integration. Built-in networked control and flexibility make it easy to deploy and manage video walls and digital signage at a lower cost, with end-user routing to screens or speakers supported in-venue. AJA Dante AV 4K-T and 4K-R also pair well with professional baseband devices, including the AJA Ki Pro Ultra 12G and Io 4K Plus, and can be used with AJA KUMO SDI routers to easily route signals into or out of a Dante AV infrastructure. For more information, visit: https://www.aja.com/dante-av-ultra.