RackTop Systems BrickStor SP cyberstorage is now integrated with Nyriad’s UltraIO GPU-accelerated architecture, via a partnership aiming to improve data security, performance, resilience and efficiency.

Nyriad RackTop brickstor

The RackTop Systems BrickStor SP cyberstorage platform is now integrated with Nyriad’s UltraIO GPU-accelerated storage architecture following a strategic partnership between the two companies involved, who are aiming to improve data security, performance, resilience and efficiency.

The result of their collaboration is a robust, reliable platform for safeguarding data from cyberattacks. As a secure enterprise file location, it is accessible via SMB and NFS protocols and makes secure unstructured data services available. Applications include healthcare, financial services, law enforcement, video surveillance, education and others.

File Level and Block Level

RackTop’s BrickStor Security Platform continuously evaluates trust at the file level, while the Nyriad UltraIO storage system maintains data integrity at the erasure coded block level. This new approach dynamically protects data during all three phases of a ransomware attack. BrickStor SP grants or denies access to data in real time without any agents, detecting and mitigating cyberattacks to minimise their impact and reduce the blast radius. Simultaneously, the UltraIO storage system verifies block data integrity and dynamically recreates any failed blocks seamlessly, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

As well as an active security architecture, RackTop’s compliance reporting capabilities are comprehensive, and include customisable reports that map directly to the NIST 800-171/53 data access control standards, among others, to assure compliance with industry regulations including CMMC, SOX, HIPAA, FINRA and so on. RackTop’s searchable database of file access transactions also means administrators can track access, investigate data lineage and demonstrate data heritage to reinforce data governance.

Nyriad RackTop process

Further goals forthe system are consistent, high performance, scalability and simplicity of management. Nyriad’s UltraIO system achieves uninterrupted data availability and its GPU-accelerated erasure coding gives high throughput, resilience and efficiency in file and block storage by breaking data into fragments, expanded and encoded with redundant data pieces. The data can then be stored across a set of dispersed locations or storage media. This combination of features ultimately helps users effectively manage massive amounts of data, and handle multiple workloads on the same system without adversely affecting performance.

Health Sciences University and Research Hospital Use Case

Nyriad and RackTop Systems have said that their combination of GPU-accelerated storage tools and RackTop’s secure data services can help meet the current demand for proactive security for file storage, and enhance ease of use. In a recent joint project, Nyriad and RackTop recently worked together to help a health science university improve the performance, efficiency, security and cost-effectiveness of their e-Learning applications and video surveillance systems, which amounted to large-scale storage projects.

The selection of UltraIO and BrickStor SP followed an evaluation period in which the combined system outperformed alternatives in terms of data security, price, capacity and performance.

The university aimed to simplify operations and their user experience, staying within budgetary constraints and keeping data secure, and meanwhile needed to comply with stringent healthcare and education regulations. Through the capabilities of UltraIO and BrickStor SP, the university sought to optimise their data storage and, using UltraIO’s GPUs and algorithms, reach a consistent, high performance with efficient usable space per terabyte to maximize ROI and lower the total cost of ownership.

By consolidating multiple workloads onto the Nyriad and RackTop combination, the university has been able to simplify management and the UX, and align with regulatory requirements. The university is also better equipped to support its educational and security initiatives, while maximizing ROI. www.nyriad.io