Stream7 uses Dejero GateWay to set up independent internet connectivity at any venue or location, simplifying and lowering costs of streaming broadcast quality content for clients.

Dejero gateway stream7

Stream7 are dedicated to live event broadcast and production – hybrid, virtual and physical – serving all markets, from their own live studio or on location. Darren Wain, Managing Director, Stream7 said, “Because of data security, we’re often presented with restrictions when it comes to accessing the local network infrastructure behind corporate HQ or government building firewalls.”

“It can be incredibly resource-intensive to plan for and establish links, or to hardwire a venue – which also results in prohibitive costs. Instead, we have been using Dejero GateWay M6E6 network aggregation devices to create our own temporary network and internet connection. The system is very resilient but does not require tapping into the local infrastructure, and means we can make a simpler, less costly package available to clients.”

Teaching Hospital Procedures

Most recently, Stream7 provisioned a hybrid event for Sheffield Gastroenterology and the World Endoscopy Organisation (WEO) at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield, England. Dejero GateWay devices were deployed in one of the teaching hospital’s procedure rooms and in its lecture theatre to set up a two-way link during an endoscopy.

Dejero gateway stream7 2

Though not a typical M&E or broadcast kind of experience, the link made it possible for both in-person and online delegates to watch a broadcast quality stream of a surgical procedure in real-time and interact remotely with the surgeons, and each other, as it proceeded.

By equipping each GateWay with six SIM cards from diverse network providers, Stream7 could create a secure, isolated temporary network for the WEO event using only blended cellular connectivity. Video feeds from two cameras and data from two endoscopy machines were broadcast to audiences in the lecture theatre and to a video conferencing platform via an NDI Bridge, using Stream7’s Newtek Tricaster production system.

NDI Bridge allows devices on different networks to communicate and transmit NDI protocol streams over the internet. It works by creating a virtual network connection between the devices using a single publicly available IP address as host, allowing them to exchange data and video streams as if they were on the same local network.

Opportunity and Agility

For other live events, Stream7 has set up the GateWay to combine connectivity not only from cellular, but also from other IP networks, including fibre and satellite for primary and back-up connectivity with Dejero Smart Blending Technology. Dejero Smart Blending simultaneously blends together multiple wired (broadband, fibre) and wireless (3G/4G/5G, Wi-Fi, satellite) IP connections from a range of providers to form a virtual Dejero ‘network of networks’.

Dejero Gateway stream7 Hybrid

Its approach differs from conventional failover or link aggregation by dynamically and intelligently managing the fluctuating bandwidth, packet loss and latency differences that occur in the individual connections, and moving between them in real-time.

“Our projects vary from conferences, symposiums and awards, to music concerts and lectures. Not only does the GateWay give us and our clients confidence to broadcast from physical buildings, it also opens up new opportunities for us to cover outdoor events, such as festivals held out in the countryside. Because the GateWays are easy to set up, we’ve gained a new level of agility. Now project, in nearly any location is achievable,” said Darren.

"Without devices like the GateWay, we may have the best equipment in the world and the best team in the world, but still not be in control of the venue's internet. Knowing we can supply that resiliently is a major selling point for Stream7.”