Fusion 8.1 Update Adds Fusion Connect for Avid 

Blackmagic Fusion8 1

A free update to Blackmagic Design Fusion 8.1 adds Fusion Connect for Avid and compatibility with the most recent Avid Artist DNxIO video interface.
Though not a new function - the Avid connection has been available since Fusion v6 - previously, Fusion Connect for Avid was only available for purchase, as part of Fusion Studio on Windows. Fusion 8.1 now adds Fusion Connect for Avid to the free version of Fusion on Mac as well as Windows, for customers using Media Composer with the Avid Artist DNxIO video interface.
Fusion Connect for Avid is an AVX plugin that Avid editors can use to round trip single clips, sequences of clips or stacks of layers from Media Composer to Fusion when visual effects and motion graphics need to be added. Once Fusion Connect for Avid is applied to clips in the Media Composer timeline, it will create a Fusion composition with a node tree that is linked to the correct Media Composer sources.
Fusion Connect for Avid also supports versioning, making it possible to create and test multiple versions that can be played live and tested in the Media Composer timeline. The editor selects the Fusion Connect clip in the timeline and chooses the version to playback. In other words, multiple clips do not have to be stacked up in the timeline because Fusion Connect for Avid manages the versions itself.
Fusion Connect clips from Avid Media Composer can be processed in either 16-bit or 32-bit float. Fusion is resolution independent and supports an uncompressed workflow with Avid that editors can use to work on their own visual effects and motion graphics.

Alternatively, when on a shared storage system, shots can be sent from the timeline using Fusion Connect for Avid and picked up by visual effects artists that are on the same network. In this way, editorial can continue while VFX shots are worked on at the same time. The Avid Media Composer timeline will show a Fusion connect clip, which can be refreshed at anytime so that editors always see the most current version of the VFX shot as it is rendered.
“Fusion Studio is the other half of my editing toolset,” said Alan Edward Bell, ACE editor known for his work on The Hunger Games trilogy, the Amazing Spider-Man, The Green Mile and others. “I use Fusion Studio all day, everyday and could not do the performance enhancing visual effects I am known for without its functionality.” The Fusion 8.1 update is available now for download for both Fusion 8 and Fusion Studio.   www.blackmagicdesign.com