Cisco and Qwilt are partnering with Turkcell to enhance the quality and delivery capacity of digital content and applications, and support the growing demands of data across Turkiye.

Cisco and Qwilt have formed a new strategic partnership with Turkcell, the main digital operator in Turkiye. The collaboration aims to enhance the quality and delivery capacity of digital content and applications, and efficiently support the demands of growing quantities of data. The two companies also expect to improve the streaming experience and data delivery times for Turkcell’s 38.2 million mobile users and 3.1 million fixed broadband customers.

To initiate the project, Turkcell has adopted Qwilt’s Open Edge Cloud for Content Delivery. The Qwilt platform operates through Open Caching, built on Cisco’s edge computing and networking infrastructure.

Open Caching Services

Qwilt’s Open Caching services include a global, federated CDN developed to avoid the need to negotiate individual relationships with service providers, and improve speed and service quality at the same time. A conventional commercial CDN is made up of content nodes that are located in the middle-mile of the delivery chain where internet service providers (ISPs) and CDNs connect – that is, where switching and transport directs traffic between local access facilities and the ISP core network.

Qwilt City blue

In contrast, Qwilt’s Open Caching nodes, combined with Cisco’s edge infrastructure, are embedded further into the provider network at the network edge, a short distance from end users. This geography means applications and content can bypass those peering points and the ISP network, which are recognised as sources of issues that interfere with the user experience. It also means that content and application publishers can move their content closer to their users, especially useful during peak traffic.

The joint system is now fully integrated into Turkcell’s network edge, handling larger data volumes than previously and improving the overall subscriber experience. Network coverage extends to 99% of Turkiye through 9,000 towers. This deployment activates Open Caching services at multiple distributed points of presence (PoPs), and prepares Turkcell to equip content publishers with the tools needed to deliver high quality content across Turkiye.

Content and Internet Hub

This partnership also makes Turkiye a content and Internet hub. Elif Yenihankaya, Director, Network Capabilities at Turkcell, commented, “Turkcell is continuously evolving its network infrastructure. Through strategic collaboration with Cisco and Qwilt, we will extend our scope and continue to provide exceptional digital experiences to both residential and business customers across Turkiye. This deployment will allow us to meet the rising bandwidth demands and ensure a superior quality of experience for customers.”

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Theodore Tzevelekis, VP, Cisco, said, “Our Open Edge solution, in collaboration with Qwilt, positions Turkcell directly within the content delivery value chain and increases their monetization opportunities. This partnership helps Turkcell determine the quality of streaming experiences for its customers and lays the foundation for future edge computing applications.”

Alon Maor, CEO at Qwilt, said, “This collaboration has resulted in competitive digital service delivery to millions of consumers in Turkiye. Our Open Edge CDN is embedded directly at the network edge, closer to end-users than traditional CDNs, guaranteeing users across the country experience the highest quality and fastest delivery for streaming video or downloading massive files.”