Lakepointe in Texas implemented a large-scale SMPTE ST 2110 system from Imagine, preparing the church to pursue new ministry opportunities and adapt to events as they vary day to day.

Imagine Comms Lakepoint Church

Lakepointe Church in Texas has implemented one of the largest SMPTE ST 2110 systems in a house of worship to date. Deployed by Oklahoma City-based Skylark, the new IP system enables Lakepointe to grow and scale into new ministry opportunities, while ensuring the reliability and day-to-day flexibility that the multi-campus church requires.

With six locations across Texas and an online platform, Lakepointe Church reaches almost 35,000 people each week through its services in English and Spanish. The church had previously operated from an ageing system at its Rockwall headquarters to spread its message across various buildings, dispersed campuses and the internet. But when an upgrade became necessary, Lakepointe undertook a modernisation program.

Multi-viewing and Control

“After meeting with Lakepointe leaders to discuss their objectives, it was clear that deploying an ST 2110 system would be the best way to meet their current and future requirements,” said Chris Winnie, senior systems engineer at Skylark. “In house-of-worship environments, where it’s not uncommon to have an event every day of the week, implementing a 2110 system that gives us production flexibility through very simple steps, completely changes how efficiently the production team can transition between events and configurations.

“Our main considerations in choosing components for the Lakepointe system were multi-viewer image quality and straightforward control capable of effectively managing SDI and IP routing. We have built our system on the Selenio Network Processor (SNP) and Magellan Control System from Imagine Communications, creating an efficient environment that is cohesive and adaptable.”


Imagine’s SNP media processing platform, which can be reconfigured with different functionality by enabling the appropriate features, forms the centre of Lakepointe Church's new system. In the current setup, 12 SNPs serve entirely as IP gateways – one backstage, one in the baptism suite and 10 in the main control room – enabling the church to integrate its existing SDI hardware and ensure a cost-efficient implementation.

Imagine Comms Lakepoint Church2

Another five SNPs in the control room are configured with the SNP-MV functions, functioning as a readily scalable multiviewer system optimised for low-latency production workflows. Finally, one SNP in the online campus suite and one located at front of house are configured as half IP gateway and half multi-viewer, for more flexibility. The Magellan Control System comprises tools used to simplify management and operation of the entire workflow, delivering SDI/IP and PiP routing through familiar, highly customisable control interfaces and panels.

Connected Facility

“The decentralised SNPs mean we have the efficiency of IP-based connectivity across our facility, with fewer cable runs and connection points, while the Magellan Control System brings everything together in one place for simpler routing and management across the SMPTE ST 2110 network,” said JJ Ammons, senior technical director at Lakepointe Church.

“Across the board, the new system has been very well received – from our leadership to our non-technical weekend volunteers. The clarity of the images on our SNP multi-viewers is outstanding, and the system's flexibility allows the operators to adjust the set-up to accommodate various events fairly easily, and even permits customisation to suit the individual preferences of the directors and staff.”

He also mentioned that as they encounter new opportunities for ministry, they are now ready to extend their infrastructure to support them, which wasn’t always possible due to the limitations of their previous system. With Magellan and SNP, they have a modern starting point.

Imagine at NAB 2024

At the 2024 NAB Show, Imagine gave hands-on demos of the SNP and Magellan Control System to attendees, to show how it supports teams navigating many types of technology transitions, including an on-ramp to the cloud. Through a cloud-routing extension called Magellan Connect, users can create an end-to-end routing environment that connect signals regardless of whether they originate or terminate on-premises or in the cloud.

“Lakepointe Church is an example of how media operations in multiple market segments are using ST 2110 to pursue new opportunities that are critical to their specific mission,” said Kyle Luther, vice president, Americas Sales, for Imagine Communications. “IP technology has matured and is no longer limited to big-budget, tier 1 broadcast operations.”