Broadpeak’s new generation Advanced CDN streaming software improves image quality, latency and QoE for subscribers, with delivery speed, scalability and efficiency for operators.

Broadpeak Advanced CDN

Broadpeak has developed a new generation of its Advanced CDN software for video streaming. Broadpeak’s development of this new version has focussed on improving image quality, latency and the overall streaming experience for subscribers, and delivery performance, scalability and resource economy for video service providers.

According to Broadpeak, Advanced CDN is capable of delivering video streaming services at 725 Gbps from a single server, achieving a better Gbps per cost and Gbps per watt ratios compared to typical CDN options. In effect, this level of performance means providers can operate using four times fewer servers for video streaming compared to Broadpeak’s previous generation. Its elasticity allows operators to manage scaling dynamically – both horizontal scaling (number of servers) and vertical scaling (power per server, as in CPUs or RAM).

Advanced CDN can be deployed in varied environments, supporting on-premises, cloud and hybrid configurations. To help make creating and operating a video streaming service simpler with the updated system, operators are handed greater control over what happens inside the content delivery network through open APIs and a straightforward GUI.

Broadpeak Advanced CDN schema

There are also options for new business models, by creating a bridge between ISPs and content providers that uses Open Caching APIs accessed through the Broadpeak Steering Centre and, the SaaS platform making Broadpeak’s framework and software available as a service in the cloud.

The updated CDN is based on Broadpeak’s latest version of the BkM100 Video Delivery Mediator and the new BkS450 high-performance video streamer that can run on a 3rd gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor, which accounts for the high output per server. The BkM100 monitors the complete CDN system to help operators oversee ingest, propagation and delivery issues.

The steering centre component, first demonstrated at NAB 2022, enables the CDN to be context-aware, allowing operators to control which CDN features are being used for each session with specific granularity based on the request characteristics.

Broadpeak will demonstrate its Advanced CDN at the 2023 NAB Show, 16-19 April in Las Vegas.