TDF uses Synamedia’s software-based vDCM and Video Services Manager to process and manage France TV channels for transmission across France and French overseas territories.

Synamedia TDF

French telecoms and digital infrastructure operator TDF is responsible for the video processing of content for public broadcaster France Televisions’ (France TV) five national channels, as well as Outre-mer La Première and Arte, across French overseas territories.   

The channels’ content is distributed by satellite to 10 overseas territories including New Caledonia, La Reunion and French Polynesia. From there, TDF will use Synamedia’s software-based virtual Digital Content Manager (vDCM) to process and prepare the channels for transmission, as well as manage the insertion of material for local channels. The deployments started in September 2023 and will be complete in Q1 2024.

Specifically, vDCM will manage the H.264 transcoding, statistical multiplexing (statmux) and mux to transmitters on 106 sites for terrestrial broadcast. To centrally manage the workflow and licenses across all vDCMs from France, TDF will also use the Synamedia Video Services Manager (VSM) cluster.

Synamedia TDF martinique

France TV delivering local event coverage in Martinique.

vDCM is implemented as virtualized video functions on a cloud-based Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) infrastructure that replaces network appliance hardware with virtual machines. As it handles processing functions from multiplexing through encoding and transcoding to packaging and IP transport, TDF will be able to use the platform to build reliable, available workflows for 24/7 processing and deliver high quality, scalable video experiences.

Video Service Management (VSM) is used to configure and monitor media workflows, serving as a management front end for operating signals in video processing headend applications. It gives operators and engineers a system-oriented view on the management of individual instances of the vDCM. As well as centralising management of geographically distributed systems, operators can also quickly modify and deploy new channel lineups, with little disruption.

Pascal Merle, Purchasing Manager at TDF, said, “We evaluated the available video processing systems and Synamedia vDCM came out as the most suitable on the market. We were impressed by features such as its high density, performance and reliability. Furthermore, VSM gives us the flexibility to control the workflows and the management remotely from Paris.” Because of vDCM’s flexible deployment, users can optimise costs across a pool of common compute resources, and deliver services on both hardware and software resources.

Synamedia TDF ElkeHungenaert

Elke Hungenaert, VP of Product Management at Synamedia

“We have a long-standing relationship with TDF for video processing of channels from France,” said Elke Hungenaert, VP of Product Management at Synamedia. “This new contract is a testament to the quality of our IP optimisation. Broadcasting to such remote locations around the globe presents unique challenges and we are working with TDF to ensure a smooth roll out and a great TV service for viewers.”