The new Maevex 7100 Series of single-channel 4K60 AVC/HEVC encoders suit low-latency, low-bitrate encoding of high-res HDMI sources for video streaming, contribution and collaboration.

Matrox Video Maevex 7100 Series

Matrox Video’s new Maevex 7100 Series of single-channel 4K60 AVC/HEVC encoders are lower-cost members of the Maevex family of video products. They suit low-latency, high-quality, low-bitrate encoding of single high-resolution HDMI sources for audio and video streaming, contribution and collaboration.

For low-bandwidth applications that rely on compression, Maevex 7100 Series encoders can be used for streaming and recording, for both video and desktop content, with a wide range of compression rates. They are built to support high image quality, with security features included. The new encoders are reliable enough for use in control rooms, command centres and other professional environments, and flexible enough to support the various streaming protocols developed for most all network topologies.

Streaming Flexibility

Users, typically integrators and administrators, choose between H.264 (Maevex 7112A) and H.264/H.265 (Maevex 7112H) models, and set up streaming and simultaneous recording with support for five streaming protocols — RTSP, MPEG2-TS, RTP, SRT, and RTMP. To make installation simpler, the Maevex PowerStream Plus application and the newer web-based Maevex Command Center software are included, which contain tools for configuration, monitoring and streaming management in organisations of all sizes.


Maevex 7100 Series has integrated enterprise-grade security. Users can still take advantage of existing security infrastructure with support for Microsoft Active Directory, which stores information about elements on the network, and receive regular device vulnerability and firmware updates. For extra protection, all updates are authenticated and validated before installation.

Users can also securely manage devices with 802.1x network authentication support, acting as a protocol that verifies the identity of the person connecting, and execution of IP control communication over the HTTPS protocol that sends data between web browsers and websites. The Maevex 7100 Series supports the SRT protocol with AES encryption for secure, low-latency, high-performance streaming on noisy or unpredictable networks.


The 7100 Series appliances are compact, energy-efficient, fanless appliances designed for high-density rack mounting or temporary installation. They achieve zero-latency input pass-through for real-time video output, which makes flexible, simultaneous uninterrupted operation possible for operator desks, video walls, remote rooms and other locations.

The complimentary Maevex SDKs and APIs can also be used to add the encoders to varied environments. Operators can integrate the Maevex 7100 Series with third-party AV systems such as Video Management Systems (VMS) and others. TAA-compliant SKUs are also available.