Grass Valley’s R&D into production switchers for live M&E and broadcast that input and output both IP and SDI formats, requires capable test instruments that now include the PHABRIX QxP.


In the R&D, manufacturing and test departments of Grass Valley, the company’s engineers need to specifically test production switchers capable of outputting both IP and SDI signals. Dustin Mooers, IP Media Lab Manager at Grass Valley, remarked on the company’s continuing R&D into the design and manufacture of production switchers for the live M&E and broadcast markets that input and output both IP and SDI formats.

“With testing those switchers in mind, we have invested in the PHABRIX QxP Portable Waveform Monitor – whose specifications align with our requirements – to add to our engineering test department,” he said.

Grass Valley’s existing inventory of PHABRIX T&M equipment includes Qx and QxL rasterizers and handheld Sx instruments. The purchase expands this equipment with the QxP Portable Waveform Monitor. Inheriting the features and adaptability of the QxL rasterizer – including a 3U multitouch LCD screen, integral V-Mount or G-Mount battery plate, integral mains PSU and 12v external DC input – the QxP performs both 12G SDI and 25G IP ST 2110 compliance monitoring in a portable device. As a result, it is equally well suited to a wide variety of SDI, IP and hybrid engineering and production environments.

PHABRIX QxP display

The QxP can be used on-set in SDR or HDR Productions, for grading, shading or QC, and in MCR, engineering and R&D environments. It has an integrated screen, or alternatively users can plug in an external HDMI monitor and use the tool layout to view up to 16 instruments simultaneously. The monitor includes SMPTE ST 2110, 2022-6 and a wide range of formats as standard with in-field upgrades available for other options. ST 2022-7 Seamless IP Protection Switching (SIPS) and independent PTP followers are supported on both of its media ports for redundant network operation.

Martin Mulligan, CEO of PHABRIX, said, “Grass Valley has been at the front of broadcast and media systems development for more than six decades. It’s a matter of pride for PHABRIX that GV is a long-term customer of our T&M products.

“Having already made extensive use of the Qx and QxL rasterizers, the decision to invest in a QxP reflects the continuing need to produce high-quality production equipment that can cope equally well with SDI and IP. The QxP will be an invaluable tool for GV as it continues to cater to the spectrum of production environments, including the many hybrid facilities using both legacy and newer production formats.”

PHABRIX will be on display, alongside its parent company Leader Electronics, at NAB 2024.