Cinegy and French channel partner Broadcast Architech joined forces on XGESTORE, a configurable, all-in-one portable hub for broadcast and streaming, shown at Satis Expo 2023.

Cinegy Satis Xgestore

Cinegy and its French channel partner Broadcast Architech have worked together on a new product called XGESTORE, a configurable, all-in-one portable hub for broadcast and streaming operations, shown at SATIS Expo 2023. Depending on its configuration, XGESTORE can function as a capture server or a broadcast playout device.

The device combines compact hardware, including a customizable local SSD RAID in a 3U rack, equipped with software that includes Cinegy Capture for ingest and management, Cinegy Air for automated playout control, and Cinegy Multiviewer for monitoring. It supports resolutions up to 8K Ultra HD, including HDR, all common delivery codecs and I/O across SDI, SMPTE ST2110, NDI and SRT sources and destinations.

From Ingest Server to Playout Device

Broadcast Architech designed the system for flexibility, allowing it to be configured for multiple applications. For instance, as an ingest server, it can capture an unlimited number of channels simultaneously, generating high-quality proxies on ingest for immediate distribution. As well as the high-capacity on-board SSD, XGESTORE can be connected directly to NAS storage such as the company’s XSTREAMSTORE, over ethernet to external capacity, or even to USB disks and drives.

 Cinegy air Events panel

The outside broadcast version of XGESTORE plays during ingest for live and delayed broadcasting and incorporates multiple dynamic graphics layers for applications such as sport, as well as branding. The Cinegy Air software includes complete playlist management, including remote scheduling and operation, and the system may also be set up for continuous operation where required. A playlist works as a vertical cascaded timeline, divided into separate programs, each containing blocks of Cinegy Air playlist items.

The Cinegy Multiviewer analysis and alert system, which detects signal problems in real time as they occur, was built for applications like Broadcast Architech’s – that is, to run on IT servers or workstations receiving NDI or regular RTP/UDP streams via Ethernet or uncompressed video using SDI or SMPTE 2110 cards. Its interface is customisable using a WYSIWYG multiple-layout editor. Cinegy Multiviewer can support multiple 4K or even 8K monitors depending on the GPU used, outputting at the size and video resolution needed for full scale control rooms.

Cinegy Playout 10 engine dashboard


“We have been a trusted Cinegy dealer for France since the earliest days, and we really appreciate the incredible power and flexibility that is incorporated in the suite of software solutions,” said Narjess Souabni, Community Manager at Broadcast Architech. “What we have done with XGESTORE is to access the key elements of that flexibility and agility, in a plug-and-play package, tailored to the needs we see from users. Consequently, it is very easy to implement and quick for users to gain the operational and economic advantages of the system.”

Daniella Weigner of Cinegy said, “Partnership is really critical to Cinegy’s success, resulting from the importance we place on effective communications with our distributors and end users. This enabled us to support Broadcast Architech in realising their vision of configured, market-ready devices that take the appropriate elements of our software and implement it on a hardware platform they build, making it ready to fit straight into the architecture of any production or broadcast facility.”