Vectra in Poland is now upgrading its OTT services with origin packaging now supplied by Ateme and PROEXE upgrading the CDN service, enhancing options and the user experience.

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Vectra is Poland’s second largest cable operator in terms of number of subscribers. A triple play service provider, its activities include cable television, broadband internet access and fixed telephony based on digital systems. The video processing and delivery system Vectra currently uses, called CDN BlueOnline, was developed by IT and VOD/OTT developer PROEXE, which is part of the Vectra Group. 

The PROEXE CDN BlueOnline suite of software tools helps organisations build their own VOD/OTT platform. The software can adapt OTT services for most types of devices from computers, tablets, smart phones and smart TVs to set top boxes. Based on Google Cloud, clients are able to launch services quickly for large scale, global audiences, delivering live or various kinds of VOD programming.

With the cooperation of PROEXE and Ateme, with new origin packaging and CDN systems. Within Vectra’s existing set-up, origin packaging is now supplied by Ateme, and PROEXE is upgrading Vectra’s CDN service.

Combined System

The new video origin and packaging system is based on the Ateme NEA system. One of its main features is its flexibility and scalability, which will help Vectra expand the performance and functionality of its services. As a result, for example, Vectra can now enhance the options available through its Android TV services to improve its user experience.

Vectra is aiming to strengthen its position as an innovator in the supply of audiovisual content to cable TV customers. Bartłomiej Irzyński, IT and Technology Director, Member of the Management Board at Vectra said, “This system not only enhances our quality of service, but also enables new opportunities, making it easier for us to scale our business and adapt to the changing expectations of our subscribers. For Vectra, it’s also an opportunity to have a greater impact on the further development of the CDN network that we and our customers use.

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“PROEXE’s Ateme NEA and CDN BlueOnline software has delivered a very stable system, and its maturity allowed for rapid testing, implementation, integration and installation. As a result, we were able to launch the product extremely quickly – the project started in August, and already on 21 September we were ready for its final launch.”

The Ateme NEA solution includes Cloud Digital Video Recording (cloud DVR) and catch-up TV functionalities. Unlimited recording is available on any screen, at all times, with immersive audio, subtitling and scrolling thumbnails. Start-up times are minimised when playing back and the start and end times of a program are precisely aligned with its actual boundaries.

Hyper-converged Storage

These features are complemented by the Ateme Embedded Distributed Storage (EDS), based on a hyper-converged environment, which optimises storage and compute components to work together on a single commodity appliance. Each server embeds storage capacity, so that to scale the infrastructure, an operator only needs to add nodes to the cluster. In this way, EDS simplifies the integration between streaming and storage.

The combined CDN PROEXE and Ateme NEA solution has also found its way to individual customers and telecom operators who have decided to implement the TV Smart services, both independently and in cooperation with EVIO SGT IPTV service provider.

Maciej Bakalarz, CEO & Founder of PROEXE, also noted the importance of holding the cost of traffic handling at a competitive level. “The system is installed in five independent nodes, allowing traffic to exceed 1 TB/s. PROEXE also designed a cloud native version of CDN BlueOnline Selector, which enables the integration and configuration of intelligent traffic control rules to external CDN systems, for instance, in case of temporary high traffic demand,” he said.

“By the end of the year, taking into account the development of demand for video streaming, we expect to increase performance levels by several times. We are intending to make this same set-up available to all stakeholders, telecom operators and content providers as a modern alternative to existing systems.”