Arqiva and MainStreaming launched an R&D and services partnership aiming to jointly develop scalable, programming-based content distribution services for the media streaming market.

Arquiva mainstreaming iMDP Platform

MainStreaming’s Intelligent Media Delivery Platform

Arqiva and MainStreaming have launched a technology and services partnership that aims to jointly develop and make available distribution services for the media streaming market.

The partners will explore how the combination of MainStreaming’s CDN system and broadcast-level streaming experience, with Arqiva’s global media infrastructure and managed services, can result in more scalable, flexible, programming-based content distribution services for media streaming organisations.

The two companies recognise that, with growing viewer numbers on streaming services and the increasing strategic value of online audiences, the streaming needs of the larger broadcasters and service providers are also growing. The combination of a large audience, consistently high video quality and low latency is challenging to maintain, hour after hour. Therefore, secure, scalable and cost-effective content distribution networks are vital.

They also believe that existing streaming distribution networks are not well suited to deliver either the quality of service required by service providers or the quality of experience expected by audiences. The growing carbon footprint of streaming services is also a concern for both providers and audiences. Arqiva and MainStreaming’s collaboration intends to address these issues and to challenge conventional approaches to content distribution.

"Mainstreaming’s technology makes true edge computing for the media industry a reality, and already delivers important benefits for our industry-leading customers,” said Antonio G. Corrado, CEO of MainStreaming. “We are excited about working together with Arqiva and the media industry to take advantage of our real-time, ultra-low latency, highly scalable streaming capabilities to deliver broadcast-grade streaming and also create new and exciting edge applications for video delivery."

CTO Clive White at Arqiva said, “The streaming world is changing fast and navigating the commercial and technical issues has never been harder. Arqiva and MainStreaming will be collaborating on a range of new capabilities and service offerings to meet these challenges with a view to optimising the customer experience and adding value to the biggest broadcasters in our core markets.”