Dalet America TV Three

América Televisión and Canal N channels, owned by Plural TV Group, are based in Lima, Peru. América Televisión delivers content ranging from thematic talk shows, to reality programming and general news. Canal N is focused on country-wide news, current affairs and political programs.

After decades of running the two news operations with separate editorial and archive processes, Plural TV Group decided to unify the earlier media infrastructure under a new parallel system, lending efficiency and consistency to their content management and news story development.

The group invested in the Dalet Unified News Operations platform running on Dalet Galaxy five MAM and orchestration software. It consolidates news production and distribution programming for both channels under one system that supports staff members working in dispersed locations – in the newsroom, from home or out in the field.

Dalet America TV One

The dual-channel upgrade was led by Dalet channel partner Connect Media to include the installation of an enterprise editorial team, configured with a centralised repository to manage news wires and content, with tools to facilitate news story planning, editing, graphics and publishing. Dalet’s approach builds the story around media assets, improving story evolution, exposing content usage and opening access generally across the two newsrooms. A primary goal is to re-purpose the same content for different audiences and programming results. 

“Dalet’s news system is designed for the way our journalists, editors, news directors, graphics and camera teams want to work – that is, keeping all elements interconnected,” said Javier Vásquez Mendoza, Head of Engineer Support and Operations, América Televisión.

“By centralising access to content, we make it easier to evolve the story whether we are actually together in the newsroom, out on location or working from home, as many journalists had to do during pandemic restrictions. They can use Dalet’s web-based tools to connect from anywhere, at any point in the workflow. It’s designed to support our hybrid workflow with greater transparency into how we are using the content.”

Dalet America TV Two

America Televisión and Canal N use Dalet’s Unified News Operations to manage story development and production for both on-air and web content. Dalet Brio, high density hardware for digitising and playing back content, supports 16 channels of ingest with the ability to edit late-breaking news stories as the material is recorded onto the storage server, and then handles playout of all on air news packages and programs.

The underlying media asset capabilities of Dalet Galaxy five track metadata, which makes sure that content is searchable and accessible by authorised staff on and off premises. Dalet Pyramid, another part of the system, has the cloud-based tools that align with ingest, NRCS, rough cut and craft editing, workflow orchestration and playout functions – all of which are accessed via a web-browser so that the team can still work together as they transform the content and build up stories. The Unified News Operations includes access to an AI engine, Dalet Media Cortex, to use to augment the channels’ content through element recognition, automation and more complex searches.   www.dalet.com