Primestream Media IO Cloud Integration Desktop

Primestream’s Media IO software has been updated with wider support for media ingest in cloud-hosted environments, plus changes that speed up performance and ease the user experience.

An IP-based recording and playout application, Media IO captures content from virtually all sources and then transcodes it live, ready for integration into production, management and delivery workflows. It can be used for live previewing and proxy creation, and its format support applies to both IP and broadcast workflows. It is sold in two versions, Media IO Server and Media IO Desktop, and is available for Windows and macOS.

As a software-based tool, users can locate Media IO’s recording functions on-premises and in the cloud to capture content from nearly any IP stream, camera or broadcast source including NDI, HLS, RTSP and SDI. Meanwhile, it encodes to ProRes, XDCAM, AVC-Intra, DVCPRO and H.264, on-the-fly as the user selects the necessary codec. It can be used to capture and monitor baseband and network signal paths throughout a facility, and also to record live feeds from non-baseband sources including bonded cellular devices and IP video encoders.

With the updates, Media IO Server now supports 4K UHD capture to drive complex live production workflows, serving as a single capture platform for both HD and 4K UHD signals. Users can simplify and unify workflows, while meeting the requirements of several different departments.

Primestream Media IO Cloud Integration Video

Media IO Server’s real-time video editing capability now supports Apple Final Cut X as well as Adobe Premiere Pro. Because Media IO captures IP sources live and in real time, editors can also preview live streams and edit them within their NLE systems, even as the video feed is still capturing.

Media IO Desktop can now monitor up to 12 channels, double the previous maximum channel count. Primestream has also redesigned the UI and user experience to make triggering recordings and encoding more straightforward for users.

Claudio Lisman, president and CEO of Primestream said, “The most important update in the new Media IO release is its cloud integration functionality, which a facility can use to move key live baseband ingest and video production workflows off-premises, gaining flexibility for their customers.

“When we first launched Media IO, its push toward making remote production and live contribution easier and more cost-effective was significant. Media IO supports a greater number of input sources, workflows and formats than many bonded cellular and live recording systems competing in the same market, and its real-time editing capabilities are completely new.”