Three Media - XEN:Pipeline


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To remain competitive, broadcasters and content delivery businesses are moving towards a supply chain view of their operations. That means having an over-arching view and control over every aspect from initial registration – maybe ordering a series from a production company – through ingest, validation (including quality control), optimisation (transcoding, compliance editing and more) to packing into the various consumer formats, adding to a playlist and delivery to multiple platforms.

These are the elements of how the business earns revenue and makes a profit, so it makes sense to ensure that each stage is as efficient as possible, and movement from stage to stage is seamless. Most of the individual processes are standardised and so ideal for automation, which means tracking and adding metadata to ensure all boxes are ticked.

XEN:Pipeline from Three Media is the heart and brain of the content supply chain, the orchestrator of media and business activities. A cloud-native software-as-a-service offering, it is completely open for integration with existing technology and software systems, to provide a highly valuable management layer.

The software provides for metadata capture and content discovery. Intelligent automated workflows are triggered by business rules, guided by the dynamic manipulation of the metadata.

More important, its advanced cognitive analysis allows workflows to be optimised and resources scaled to the right size. In what-if scenario testing it provides simulated SLAs, so the enterprise can see clearly and precisely what the cost implications are in offering services and quality levels.

In 2022 a key new function was added: the ability to integrate live playlists into the same workflows. As well as tracking content as it arrives, this important functionality allows the software to interrogate suppliers, identifying missing items and pulling them into the enterprise from multiple storage locations.