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R&S®PRISMON is a powerful, software defined, virtualizable solution designed to simplify the task of managing broadcast or OTT operations, combining monitoring and multiviewing within a single highly scalable, IP native system. Flexible to deploy and futureproof, it supports customers as they evolve from SDI to IP. Thanks to its networked architecture, PRISMON provides a monitoring and multiviewing environment across a complete production or playout center, capable of instant reconfiguration and supporting large numbers of individual unique displays, HD and Ultra HD, SDI and IP.

The R&S®PRISMON multiviewer and monitoring solution is a highly flexible, scalable, and multifunctional system designed to support multiviewing and monitoring for studio production, playout and broadcast distribution. A fully software-based solution, it is IP ST2110 compliant and is aimed at, and gaining traction with, customers looking for a futureproof investment that will see them through their evolution from SDI to IP. PRISMON is already deployed in SDI, IP and hybrid environments by several major users across Europe, including SRF and Red Bee. PRISMON represents a unique approach to multiviewing. Each instance can support multiple screens in HD or 4K Ultra HD, with inputs in HD or Ultra HD, SDI and SMPTE ST2110.

What makes it unique is the Scalable Distributed Multiviewing (SDM) functionality, which allows resources to be shared between multiviewer instances, sharing scaled streams across the network to reduce the processor load on each screen. Using SDM, enterprises can create a view with multiple Ultra HD signals, beyond the decoding capacity of a single processor, and optimizing processing resources across the network. The new Multiviewer Control Center (MCC) provides a single point of control for a network of multiviewers. This added functionality gives instant reconfiguration of multiple displays, either in response to the intuitive user interface or on command from a system-level automation system. Monitoring set-ups can be switched instantly to reflect different workflow requirements or even the preferences of individual operators.

A production control room used for a number of different events can have its monitor wall instantly reconfigured at the time of changeover, drawing on a library of stored set-ups. PRISMON supports resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD, both in signal streams and viewer outputs, allowing high density PiPs while maintaining excellent image quality. It is fully integrated with measurement tools to provide a complete monitoring solution. Every media business recognizes the need for a transition to IP connectivity, although each will have its own roadmap of standards and timescales. Today, customers need to ensure they futureproof any technology investment to see them into the all-IP era. Having a proven, software defined, virtualizable multiviewer and monitoring solution that supports both SDI and IP provides additional flexibility and assurances that broadcasters need in today’s fast changing media landscape. As well as offering a clear path to an all-IP environment, this solution meets the growing need for efficiency, allowing smaller teams to manage large-scale multichannel operations with ease.

PRISMON features Scalable Distributed Multiviewing (SDM) functionality, unique to Rohde & Schwarz, enabling any input to any output connectivity through IP proxy networks. This also allows PRISMON to share resources across a network, allowing users to set up a view with multiple Ultra HD inputs, optimizing processor loads to the point of effectively delivering greater than 100% scaling capacity where large numbers of Ultra HD sources need to be displayed. This combined with the new Multiviewer Control Center (MCC), which provides a single point of control for a network of multiviewers, allows customers to build highly efficient and scalable large multiviewing systems based on powerful PRISMON applications running on COTS hardware. PRISMON also provides integrated fault alarms, which are vital to keep track of large numbers of outputs and allow a small team of operators to manage large, multichannel operations. The HTML5 user interface makes it simple to create and modify the multiviewer layouts, while the open integration allows seamless operation with customers’ existing infrastructure.