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Challenge:Traditional linear audiences are shrinking and media organizations need to bring their best content to digital platforms at scale in order to grow their audiences and ad revenue. But amid challenging macroeconomic conditions, businesses can’t afford to spend as much as they did the first time on channel creation and content investment — and they need to attain cost-predictability across technology investments to ensure profitability. Amid rising content costs and pressures on in-house resources, broadcasters need cost-efficient solutions to repurpose linear streams for multi-platform delivery across digital, OTT, and FAST distribution channels.Furthermore, content customization is key to deepening platform loyalty and viewer engagement. Broadcasters need to deliver live, high-value, tailored content experiences to specific audience groups to gain and retain digital subscribers. In order to capture growing revenue opportunities in the FAST market, organizations need efficient ways to deliver live and localized content on FAST platforms — all while managing operational costs.Solution:LTN Lift is a fully-supported, cloud-based playout solution for the automated creation of new channels to reach cross-platform audiences. LTN Lift brings together a range of LTN’s advanced playout, signaling, and video transport technologies – underpinned by LTN’s ultra-reliable, low latency multicast IP network – to automate the versioning of a primary linear channel, seamlessly spinning up multiple derivative channels with altered programming to fit cross-platform programming requirements.With LTN Lift, media organizations, particularly those with demanding live programming elements like sports and news-producing channels, can integrate both live and non-live programming within FAST services while delivering tailored news and sports coverage to diverse digital audiences — fueling storytelling at a local level while maximizing the value of content assets. The service enables media owners to scale and regionalize their content offering without investing in additional CapEx infrastructure helping broadcasters maximize the yield from their content assets and drive cost savings.LTN Lift’s built-in signaling and ad enablement capabilities provide the foundations for customers to achieve optimum monetization through advanced advertising capabilities on any platform. Best-in-class automation is underpinned by LTN’s always-on dedicated support and monitoring infrastructure in addition to an expert team of engineers and broadcast professionals. This allows customers to reduce risk, free up resources for creative tasks, and focus on their content. Result:LTN Lift enables customers to maximize the value of primary and premium linear content, automatically creating new secondary channels for distribution across digital platforms without the added costs, facilities, or headcount. By automating content versioning and channel playout workflows,LTN Lift reduces complexity and drives cost-efficiency for media companies, while enabling localized content distribution strategies at a tremendous scale. LTN Lift empowers content versioning and localization to serve both large audience groups and hyper-local niche communities, allowing content owners to target well-defined, specific audiences and increase their ad value. Today, LTN Lift is being deployed by all stations in one of the four major US-owned broadcast groups. Harnessing LTN Lift to launch a new 24/7 OTT service, the customer brings a range of streaming channels to offer localized news coverage, weather forecasts, and other tailored content via mobile and connected TV apps and station websites. In this way, the TV network can serve its communities across the country with round-the-clock programming across many digital viewing devices, connecting audiences to a wide range of localized content on any device – and at any time.