The winning products entered into the 2023 Digital Media World Awards help broadcasters, service providers, producers and many others adapt to the evolving content production and distribution landscape

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The winning products and services entered into the Digital Media World Awards this year are helping broadcasters, service providers, content producers and many other industry players adapt to the evolution of content production and distribution. Their contributions to cloud adoption, migration to IP, AI/ML applications and more, have helped pushed the industry forward. The winners listed below show true innovation and commitment.


DMW Awards Gold w

GOLD Broadpeak Advanced CDN
Broadpeak’s new Advanced CDN helps operators take control of their viewers’ streaming experiences with a session-based approach that centrally models servers’ available resources in real time, switching to higher ABR profiles as needed to maximise QoE. It can be deployed on-prem, in the cloud and as a hybrid configuration, while operators control what happens inside the network through open APIs and a multi-tenant GUI.

Support for new business models increases monetization, creating a bridge between ISPs and content providers, using OpenCaching APIs. As the CDN is context-aware, operators control which CDN features are used for each session with fine granularity. Broadpeak’s Advanced CDN delivers 1.09 Tbps per server in https, and handles 70,000 redirections/s per server.

DMW Awards Silver

SILVER Advanced HDR By Technicolor
Advanced HDR by Technicolor is a suite of High Dynamic Range (HDR) production, distribution and display software that uses machine learning (ML) to maximize image quality and enhance the consumer viewing experience. It enables HDR and standard dynamic range (SDR) content to be captured and produced using a single workflow. It also allows SDR and HDR content to be created in a single stream and stored as a single version, reducing storage needs for the various encoded versions required for streaming.

Advanced HDR by Technicolor simultaneously delivers production- and distribution-ready content for HDR/SDR distribution at SDR only bitrates by adding extremely low bitrate meta-data allowing delivery of uncompromised HDR with 10-bit and 8-bit encoding without artifacts to HDR/4K, HD TV and mobile devices.

Adv HDR Technic Diag 2024


DMW Awards Bronze w

BRONZE Edgio Partner Ecosystem
Through its suite of pre-integrated partnerships, Edgio reduces the risk, cost and complexity of streaming operations, and helps save time and free up staff and resources for creative tasks. Content owners and broadcasters wanting to launch a new service can quickly design a system tailored to their distribution strategy. Customers can also work with Edgio to build around their existing systems, legacy infrastructure or preferred third-party vendors.

Flexibility is at the core of Edgio’s partner ecosystem which, at launch, includes Accedo for app development, producing a consistent, high-quality representation of their brand across all streaming touchpoints; Bitmovin’s Video Player + Analytics for smooth uninterrupted playback and viewing experiences; and Edgio for its own UplynkpPlatform, CDN delivery and managed service provision. As the foundation on which the partner ecosystem is built, Uplynk takes advantage of a mix of open standard video protocols and flexible APIs.

DMW Awards Merit w


SPECIAL MERIT Ateliere Connect Data Analytics


SPECIAL MERIT Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio (HD8 / 4K8 / HD8 ISO)


DMW Awards Gold w

GOLD Harmonic Software Spectrum X Media Server
Harmonic’s new Software Spectrum X is a software-only media server that delivers high broadcast quality and reliability for media ingest, production and playout applications packing up to four video channels in a 1RU COTS server. Its flexible design supports a wide range of video codecs, resolutions and I/O options. Service providers and broadcasters can deliver low-latency video in resolutions up to HD 1080p and UHD. The software’s open architecture makes it interoperable with third-party systems while enabling rapid development of new features.

Software Spectrum X combines the solid foundation of Harmonic’s Spectrum media server with an adaptable software-based architecture. Featuring an open, scalable design, the new software paves the way for versatile applications with the addition of new codecs, channel-in-a-box functionality, IP I/Os and so on, as required. The software future-proofs the Spectrum family, removing FPGA space and speed limits, allowing software reuse from Harmonic’s VOS 360 Media SaaS and XOS media processor for faster feature development, and can scale to any channel count, storage capacity and bandwidth required.


DMW Awards Silver

SILVER Veset Nimbus
Veset Nimbus cloud playout platform manages the efficient delivery and monetisation of linear channels to OTT or broadcast. As a SaaS, Nimbus is scalable and customisable, allowing users to manage multiple channels with multiple live feeds in real time utilising SCTE35, also supporting high levels of redundancy without compromising on video stream quality. Users can create and schedule new channels in the cloud, and manage multiple linear channels without investing in hardware.

Channels can include a mix of live and video-on-demand (VOD) content and now support SMPTE 2022-7, to effectively manage the timing of media streams, Dolby Audio 5.1 enhancing audio quality, and HTML5 for interactive graphics for cloud-hosted playout streams. Integration with AWS Elemental MediaTailor for personalising ads in the cloud and AWS Cloud Digital Interface reduces latency with uncompressed content, improves the user experience.

DMW Awards Bronze w

BRONZE Crispin Corporation Content Browser
Crispin’s CORE suite of products now includes Content Browser, bringing functionality for cloud master control systems – specifically, visibility to multiple areas of media playback in a cloud system and the tools to efficiently manage this content. Operators can use Content Browser to QC content, review and manage scheduling, and import media from S3 or other storage locations, all within the same UI.

QC operations include trimming, segmenting and verifying content via Proxy player, directly in the cloud – importing this content into automation is unnecessary. It also offers playlist filters, allowing operators to view this playlist content details based on specific parameters, including reviewing status, identifying any missing content, or listing all scheduled material in chronological order.

To import media from storage locations, operators can list and search all available content in any configured storage bucket to help locate missing media, and initiate a transfer into the cloud playout storage to meet schedule needs.



DMW Awards Gold w

GOLD Agile Content – Agile Live
Agile Content’s Agile Live unified production system supports true remote and distributed TV production by replacing traditional broadcast stacks with cloud-based applications and internet services.

It uses standard internet connections to produce and contribute high-quality content in real time from any live broadcast cameras and/or consumer devices. Cloud agnostic, Agile Live can be deployed on bare metal COTS, within private data centres or in public clouds. Its GPU- and cloud-based functionality includes web-based proxy editing, HTML graphics, 3D video effects and interactive graphics or personalised visuals. These features facilitate viewer-centric formats on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Kick or TikTok. 

A key innovation behind Agile Live was the development of an open-source transport protocol, EFP (Elastic Frame Protocol) that adjusts quality based on bandwidth and preferences, and achieves precise camera synchronisation. It enables contribution of diverse video sources on-the-fly, from most any connected device to be configured for mixing, graphics and audio, with action commands sent to the delivery feed in the cloud for playout. 

DMW Awards Silver

SILVER Grass Valley LDX C150 Compact Camera
An LDX 100 Series camera, the Grass Valley LDX-C150 puts the features and functionality of the full-size Grass Valley LDX 150 Native IP/UHD camera into a compact form factor, and operates in both SDI and Native IP without external conversion. For full IP trucks, IP facilities and IP-based REMI remote production, the C150 natively streams ST2110 IP signals in and out. It supports simple, scalable multiformat image capture and distribution and supports AMWA NMOS and SMPTE 2110 among other industry standards.

As well as native IP, the camera’s main features are 3X native-speed UHD and 6X 1080p HDR modes recording PQ, HLG and S-Log3, built-in JPEG-XS compression, baseband SDI (12G, 3G, 1G, 5G) support, and direct single-cable connectivity to the XCU base station. Users can operate it primarily in 1080i/1080p High Dynamic Range (HDR/SDR) mode, and then temporarily upgrade to UHD/4K by purchasing a license only for the period required.

The C150 suits live sports, REMI remote IP-based production, OB mobile units, Steadicam and SKYCAM/FLYCAM operations. Its compact build works well on robotic-heads at locations inaccessible and unsafe for camera operators. The camera has a high sensitivity F11@2000 lux global shutter via its three new 2/3-inch Xenios imagers.


DMW Awards Silver

SILVER Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K
Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K has a full frame 6K sensor, 13 stops of dynamic range and L-Mount lens mount, and records to CFexpress cards. Capable of producing precise skin tones and rich colours, the camera features a large full frame 24 x 36mm 6K sensor with wide dynamic range and a built-in optical low pass filter designed to match the sensor.

To support cloud and mobile work, the camera records deep bit depth Blackmagic RAW and H.264 proxies at the same time. The sensor’s native resolution of 6048 x 4032, almost three times larger than a Super 35 sensor, allows users to shoot with a shallow depth of field or to use anamorphic lenses uncropped for a true cinematic look. The 13 stops of dynamic range with dual native ISO up to 25,600 produce beautiful low noise images in lighting conditions from full sun to extremely low light. Plus, users can shoot up to 36 fps at full sensor resolution or 120 fps windowed.

DMW Awards Bronze w

LTN Arc enables rights holders, broadcasters and streaming companies to acquire, version, customize and deliver live sports events for digital audiences. LTN Arc makes large-scale event versioning simple, empowering content owners to transform live sports content into tailored streams for worldwide multi-platform distribution across digital, OTT, and free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) platforms — enabling seamless customization and regionalization on a global scale while maximizing monetization.

Underpinned by LTN’s ultra-low latency (300ms) and 99.999% reliability IP multicast network, LTN Arc acquires, aggregates and normalises feeds from venues worldwide across various formats and bitrates. LTN Arc provides media companies with highly efficient, automation-driven production tools to enable customization at scale and provide fans around the world with culturally relevant live sports experiences.

DMW Awards Merit w


SPECIAL MERIT Cinedeck CD2 Ingest Software

Post Production

DMW Awards Gold w

GOLD  Autodesk Flame 2024
Autodesk’s Flame 2024 confirms its position as a central hub for conform, timeline, VFX, publishing, colour and delivery. A new metadata overlay feature lets artists view shot metadata in context, directly in the Flame viewer UI, for easier monitoring and tracking of shots when collaborating across teams.


With more support for native Apple silicon, Flame artists can improve performance. The latest software updates optimize desktop, hybrid and cloud finishing. New hub capabilities support artists’ definable VFX shot Start Frame metadata, facilitating collaboration, regardless of the tools used.
Artists have a new content-aware overlay menu to display clip metadata in context in the Flame viewer UI, save presets and share them, allowing rapid, in-context viewing of current segment metadata. Options added to the Burn-In Metadata tool include Start Frame, Handles, Timeline FX and Batch Iteration, to support more complex workflows. Batch Paint can now apply changes to multiple strokes at once and track strokes directly within the Paint node.

DMW Awards Silver

SILVER  Sony BVM-HX3110 4K HDR Professional Grading Monitor
Sony’s new 30.5 inch 4K HDR professional monitor, the BVM-HX3110, is designed for colour grading, live production and post-production. It features a new Sony-designed dual layer LCD panel supporting a higher peak luminance of up to 4000cd/m². New proprietary signal processing combined with a higher luminance capacity reveal greater detail in bright areas while maintaining contrast and deep, rich blacks required for critical evaluation applications. The BVM-HX3110 also a wider viewing angle and new anti-reflection coating allowing use in diverse environments.

With the same colour gamut as other Sony professional monitors ensures colour consistency throughout the production workflow – from acquisition to editing through to color grading and QA. As well as standard 12G SDI and HDMI interfaces, the BVM-HX3110 is the first Sony monitor with standard ST-2110 IP interface with hitless failover and redundancy. Optional JPEG-XS decoder and SNMP support are also available to facilitate the BVM-HX3110’s inclusion in IP infrastructures.

DMW Awards Bronze w

BRONZE Sohonet ClearView Rush
ClearView Rush is a collaborative review tool designed to enhance and simplify the post-production workflow, reviewing dailies, editorial cuts and digital intermediates. It can be used standalone, or in conjunction with Sohonet’s suite. The intuitive interface simplifies the review process, making it accessible anytime, anywhere on any device. When bundled with Sohonet’s suite of products, ClearView Rush allows teams to annotate and make creative decisions while reviewing production assets among dispersed teams.

This secure, near-real-time review tool keeps studio teams connected to production creatives, even when they cannot be physically present in the same room. Features include customized watermarking and a workflow-driven user experience, with scalable identity authentication, simplifying the approvals workflow for executives and creatives. The tool allows switching between productions with one-click reviews and straightforward playlist management.


Broadcast Graphics

DMW Awards Gold w

GOLD Maxon One
The Maxon One package helps artists and creators of all kinds turn their creative visions into reality, supplying Cinema 4D, Forger, Red Giant, Redshift, Universe and ZBrush in one bundle. This subscription also gives users instant access to the latest versions and developments as Maxon continuously updates their tools to meet the evolving needs of users.

Artists can create spectacular VFX, sculpt and animate realistic characters, design professional broadcast graphics, visualize industrial, architectural and scientific content, set graphics in motion, access all hardware power to render and add desired finishing touches with a collection of well-known compositing, editing and filmmaking tools. All tools within the package feature a user-friendly interface, outstanding performance and comprehensive functionality that allows artists to explore various creative options without the need of multiple software subscriptions.

IP Broadcast Solutions

DMW Awards Gold w

GOLD Dalet InStream
Dalet Instream is a cloud-native, elastic IP ingest system that scales ingest on the fly in the cloud, reducing the need for peak provisioning. Stakeholders can quickly access content streams from anywhere across the operation.

As ingest workloads evolve, Dalet InStream will rightsize ingest operations minute-by-minute. Tools such as the web-based media editor Dalet Cut can be used in conjunction with Dalet InStream for live editing, highlights assembly or social sharing, as well as distribution – all in the cloud so that no further investment in infrastructure and hardware is needed.

Users can dynamically scale ingest capabilities based on immediate needs, maintaining broadcast-quality capture and formats, and bring cloud-native, IP stream ingest functions into the Dalet Flex MAM and content supply chain, managing both streaming ingest and on-premises IP and SDI ingest in a central UI, supporting broadcast feed formats including SRT, NDI or RTMP from Web sources, Zoom and backpack devices.

DMW Awards Silver

TSL’s new X-Connect IP routing control system consists of a control layer, a user interface and also a control processor to make IP routing more accessible to the industry as it transitions to an IP workflow. It ensures all the individual pieces of a broadcaster’s audio and video equipment can easily be found, launched and managed across a network using IP media routing. Utilising NMOS and vendor agnostic, it is compatible with virtually all media devices.

The distributed processing node architecture of X-Connect also allows a broadcaster to scale the system, when ready, preparing for now and into the future. X-Connect connects TSL’s virtual control processor to a control layer, such as TSL’s TallyMan. It can then be managed through TSL’s or other hardware control panels. Thus, X-Connect resembles the workflow of a baseband router, using IP technology instead, assisting organisations in the early stages of deploying an IP-workflow.

DMW Awards Bronze w

Underpinned by LTN’s intelligent, multicasting, managed IP transport network, LTN Wave is flexible, scalable, reliable video transport that eases satellite migration with end-to-end management, ultra low latency and automatic changeover. It supports options such as content replacement and custom ad trigger profiling.

LTN Wave is interoperable with public cloud environments, and various first and last-mile protocols and systems. Users can integrate Wave with existing infrastructure while accessing other 3rd-party encoders, decoders and hardware or software infrastructure. LTN’s open, agnostic networking approach means content can be acquired in one format and delivered in different formats using common third party protocols, and in and out of public clouds, as needed. LTN Wave also protects against packet loss and delay, with a support team delivering automatic alert triggers and proactive troubleshooting.

DMW Awards Merit w

SPECIAL MERIT Caton Media Xstream

SPECIAL MERIT Leader LT4670 - synchronous SDI/IP reference and test signal generator


DMW Awards Gold w

GOLD Broadpeak BkS350 Cloud-Native Origin Packager for VOD and cloud DVR
Broadpeak’s Origin Packager packages and encrypts the video content on the fly in all standard HTTP ABR formats, including HLS, MPEG-DASH & CMAF. Delivered on the GCP Public Cloud, it uses the GCP Kubernetes Engine (GKE) to manage workloads and is deployed via Infrastructure as Code scripts to fully automate the deployment. Based on business metrics such as the playout, GKE automatically monitors the loads and adapts by scaling the resources used up and down to optimize energy consumption

The fully cloud native system is designed for operators offering video delivery services with non-linear TV applications such as time-shift TV, catch-up, cloud PVR. Based on a multi-tenant design, it is highly scalable on the ingress and on the egress to optimise energy consumption and costs. A single management interface simplifies the deployment of live channels. New video services can be deployed through a dedicated GUI or through APIs, and scaling is managed automatically.

BkS350 makes upgrades more efficient and secure. The microservice approach allows the delivery of individual software components independently, without requiring heavy or risky upgrades.

DMW Awards Silver

SILVER Dalet Cut
Dalet Cut is a cloud-native multimedia, multiplatform editor integrated within the Dalet ecosystem. It powers live web-based editing from anywhere with native access to all assets including clips, sequences, projects and graphics, even on limited bandwidth. The UX enables content producers and storytellers to collaborate efficiently, delivering better audience experiences across linear and non-linear channels. In a few clicks, content targeted for linear channels can be repackaged for social and OTT platforms, optimizing resources and saving time.

For News workflows, Dalet Cut is natively connected to Dalet Pyramid news planning calendars, assignments, rundowns and archives. With full access to shared resources, journalists, producers and news directors collaborate and focus on story development and editorial decisions without searching for relevant content. Dalet Flex’s underlying Media Asset Management and Orchestration engine keeps track of in-progress content workflows, eliminating the complexity of managing pools of assets across multiple locations.


DMW Awards Silver

SILVER AWS Elemental MediaConnect Gateway
This AWS Gateway is a cloud-connected application that transmits live video between on-premises multicast networks and AWS. It improves operations in hybrid environments through monitoring, security and management of video feeds from the AWS Management Console. It can be used to build end-to-end live video contribution and distribution workflows in AWS at scale for direct integration into on-premises infrastructure.

Typically, delivery of live-video multicast streams between datacenters and the cloud requires investment in third-party hardware and software or custom systems that may be costly and complex. With MediaConnect Gateway, live video stream transport in on-premises datacenters can be controlled from the AWS Management Console or using an API. For video contribution, content providers that originate live linear channels on premises can send these feeds to global partners, using MediaConnect Gateway as a bridge between their network infrastructure, and the cloud. MediaConnect Gateway gives customers full control, saving time and resources.

DMW Awards Bronze w

BRONZE Zixi-as-a-Service
Zixi-as-a-Service enables live video distribution from any location, in any format, delivered over any protocol, to any destination, and supplies everything needed to receive contribution feeds and process, transcode, package and deliver them to any target location. It orchestrates cloud ingress into geographically distributed cloud operating environments. For those that require live transcoding or other processing, ZaaS provisions the necessary cloud infrastructure and automates distribution of low-latency broadcast -quality live video.

ZaaS users have full visibility across the operating environment through Zixi ZEN Master’s real-time status views and access to all managed channel and infrastructure resources.

DMW Awards Merit w

SPECIAL MERIT Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager


DMW Awards Gold w

GOLD Quantum Myriad
Myriad is a new all-flash scale-out file and object storage platform suited for VFX, animation and rendering, the increasing demand for AI and ML content enhancement and new markets such as AR/VR, live production with LED video volumes, and digital capture and twinning. Built with cloud-native methods like microservices and Kubernetes, Myriad is adaptable for use on-premises or in the cloud.

Myriad can consolidate multiple animation, VFX, and rendering workflows into a single fast system serving all departments, clients, workstations and workflows including rendering pipelines and AI and ML applications. Its consistent performance and efficiency supports the large number of small files common in these workflows, and serves rendering pipelines without impacting other users.

Avoiding the challenge of managing and scaling legacy NAS storage systems to cope with rendering, Myriad takes advantage of NVMe storage and RDMA communication to deliver the extreme performance (tens of GB/s) and high IOPS (hundreds of thousands) needed for animation and multi-platform workflows. Myriad requires no proprietary hardware so, as NVMe storage servers continue to gain higher capacities, performance and lower cost, users can take advantage of the new systems as they evolve.


DMW Awards Silver

SILVER Perifery Swarm
Perifery’s storage management software, Swarm, is a cost-predictive S3 cloud native in-facility archive that preserves, protects and accesses digital assets for reuse and remonetization without relying on complex media asset management. Recent integration of Object Matrix Vision into Swarm has improved media management from ingest to archive, allowing better visibility of content and therefore improving ROI.

Designed for the media and broadcast industry, Swarm addresses RAID system failures, slow access with LTO tape, and other challenges and ensures content remains secure but accessible. It integrates with external applications in the editing workflow and adds intelligent ingest, archive, and metadata search, allowing users to find content fast. Its web-based platform enables editors to preview and download assets, wherever they are, as well as offloading content from expensive primary online workspace.

DMW Awards Bronze w

BRONZE AJA Diskover Media Edition v2.1
Early in 2023, AJA announced several updates to its popular AJA Diskover Media Edition sustainable data management software. Core software enhancements improve security, enrich metadata with business context, bring live insights into data, and streamline deployment. Expanded search capabilities and new platform integrations save time and add more flexibility and coverage.

Analytics improvements such as integration with the Xytech Media Operations Platform, Illegal File Name and Hash Differential Plug-ins increase accuracy and granular data curation for detailed data reporting and file naming. New 3rd-party platform integration is enabled via the CineSys Cineviewer Player plug-in, allowing end-users to validate media assets in a read-only environment to protect source assets. A purpose-built OxAgile plug-in further streamlines lengthy content delivery tasks for IMF packages.

DMW Awards Merit w


QC QA Monitoring

DMW Awards Gold w

GOLD Zixi Intelligent Data Platform IDP
Zixi’s Intelligent Data Platform (IDP) uses analytics, ML and AI to understand stream data flowing across media supply chains, helping human operators focus on transmission issues and understand where problems are likely to occur before failures are noticed.

IDP includes five new video-specific ML classifier and anomaly detection models to deliver actionable in-sights, without need of reference frames. Using these AI and ML–enabled toolsets, media companies can create smarter media workflows for data aggregation and deep learning that help mitigate risk in the broadcast environment.

The IDP consists of a data bus that daily aggregates over 3 billion data points from hundreds of thousands of inputs within the Zixi Enabled Network, including the 400 devices and systems with Zixi built-in, such as encoders, cloud services and networks. This detailed telemetry data is then fed into the models where events are correlated and patterns discovered. Machine learning algorithms within the IDP differentiate normal data, from the at-risk data to help alert the user when issues may soon occur.

DMW Awards Silver

SILVER Interra Systems ORION Suite with ORION Content Manager and ORION 2110 Probe
Interra Systems' ORION Suite is based on the ORION platform for 24/7 confidence monitoring of linear/IP video, handling real-time monitoring of IP-based infrastructures, looking at all aspects of video streams, such as QoS, QoE, closed captions, ad-insertion verification, reporting and troubleshooting. The ORION-OTT content monitoring system brings these same capabilities to live services and VOD assets. Streaming service providers can verify QoS and QoE for ABR videos.

Both ORION and ORION-OTT are recently updated with improved support for localisation, Dolby Atmos and scheduled reports. ORION now has more HDR and ST2110 checks, and usability improvements in live monitoring views. ORION-OTT now monitors low-latency streams, performs DASH compliance checks, improves in freeze detection, supports Nagra and Comcast DRM and updates dynamic ad insertion (DAI) monitoring.

Interra Systems’ ORION Central Manager (OCM) centrally manages multiple ORION linear and ORION-OTT setups – in the same or diverse geographic locations. The latest OCM version enhances support for localization, RHEL 8.4 and new options to schedule database backups for disaster recovery. Completing the suite is the ORION 2110 Probe, which performs ST 2110 monitoring for both QoS and QoE.


DMW Awards Bronze w

BRONZE AJA HDR Image Analyzer 12G v3.0 Software
v3.0 software for the AJA HDR Image Analyzer 12G can now analyze more video channels simultaneously, integrates new Dolby Vision tools, adds NDI connectivity options, expands support for the latest ARRI colour science with ARRI LogC4 analysis, and enhances 8K/UHD2 compatibility for high-resolution workflows. As multi-camera workflows become a production standard, the ability to analyze more than one signal side-by-side in real-time is now essential, especially for camera matching.

HDR Image Analyzer 12G now supports up to four channels of 4K/UHD signal analysis, in a new four-channel view to monitor each signal simultaneously, with each individually configurable channel showing the image, waveform and vectorscope, plus audio metering. v3.0 also adds Dolby Vision dynamic metadata inspection and presentation through automatic detection. Embedded Dolby Vision metadata can be visualised in several ways - in the waveform as NIT markers, as readable text, or in real-time on a shot-by-shot basis.

DMW Awards Merit w

SPECIAL MERIT Witbe Smart Navigate

Video Processing

DMW Awards Gold w

GOLD Harmonic XOS Advanced Media Processor
Harmonic’s software-based XOS media processor combines up to date software processing and edge delivery technologies in an all-in-one appliance. It has a complete playout-to-delivery set of features for video streaming, distribution and broadcast workflows, and supports multiple UHD 10-bit transcoding in a single 1-RU server. Its capabilities include encoding, statmux and packaging, as well as edge distribution enabled through RF front-ends and output interfaces.

Its built-in storage options enable a range of applications, including channel origination, branding using HTML-5 graphics and effects, and edge content regionalisation. Built-in automation and scheduling on XOS also simplify day-to-day playout operation. A software-based system based on containerised cloud architecture helps to future-proof XOS, increasing streaming agility, efficiency and flexibility. New playout capabilities are also available through software licenses.

DMW Awards Silver

BRIDGE LIVE v1.14 is a firmware update for AJA’s multi-channel UltraHD (UHD) and HD live video solution for remote production, contribution, collaboration, streaming and delivery. BRIDGE LIVE supports streaming and contribution codecs including NDI, H.265, H.264, MPEG-2, JPEG 2000 and now JPEG XS. Two new license options for JPEG XS I/O include JPEG-XS01, which supports a single HD channel, and BRIDGE LIVE JPEG-XS04, which supports a single channel of UltraHD or four HD channels.

A new RTMP input with H.264 4:2:0 8-bit support is now available, which also introduces support for ST2022-7 hitless redundancy via packet-by-packet comparison of RTP encapsulated traffic. This new feature enables reconstruction of a stream of RTP datagrams based on the transmission of multiple streams of identical content over potentially diverse paths. Also, input auto-reconfiguration for video and audio formats ensures that incoming formats are automatically recognised and passed through to the output. The output setting then determines if the formats, such as frame size and bit rate, will remain the same or change.

Broadpeak taiwan mobile

DMW Awards Bronze w

AJA’s v4.2 firmware update for the FS-HDR real-time HDR/WCG converter/frame synchronizer addresses the fact that, as colour management strategies continue to evolve, so do the tools needed to facilitate those strategies in the real world.

FS-HDR’s new Colorfront TV Mode applies colour science advances from Colorfront in a simple-to-use colour processing engine aimed at broadcast workflows. It provides operators access to new tools that enable greater control over critical elements in colour conversions. These new Brightness, Highlight, Super Highlight and Colorfulness tools offer controlled corrections within the specifications of Colorfront’s perceptual processing algorithm, which will maintain perceived colour, hue and saturation without hard clipping artifacts. TV Mode also introduces Sony S-Log3 conversions, useful in live production.

FS-HDR’s Colorfront Live and Film modes now support ARRI LogC4 conversions, the new colour science that ARRI introduced with its ALEXA 35 camera launch, allowing FS-HDR users to convert to or from this new colorspace, to or from a wide range of input and output colour spaces.

BBC HLG LUTs are also updated to the latest v1.6 from BBC, including a new combination LUT that fuses two LUTs into one for camera shading and a new downmapping LUT based on the Color Appearance Model (CAM) or human visual system that attempts to preserve the artistic intent of original HDR content.

DMW Awards Merit w

SPECIAL MERIT Zixi Live Transcoder

Virtual Production

DMW Awards Gold w

GOLD Unreal Engine 5.3
Unreal Engine 5.3 adds updates for filmmakers using virtual production, with functionality preparing for the next generation of LED volume stages including experimental support in nDisplay for SMPTE ST 2110, enabling transport of video over IP, and the use of NVIDIA hardware and the Rivermax SDK. These changes lay the groundwork for hardware configurations that open new options for LED stages. Virtual Art Departments and VFX studios will have more flexibility in deciding how video feeds are routed on an LED stage.

For multi-camera shoots, 5.3 makes it possible to devote a computer for each camera frustum to increase resolution, frame rate and complexity of scene geometry and lighting. Users can now review takes directly on an iPad for faster iteration, and simultaneously stream different versions of virtual camera output for different team members.

Two new features in Engine 5.3, Sparse Volume Textures (SVT) and Path Tracing of Heterogeneous Volumes, introduce new capabilities for volumetric effects such as smoke and fire. Sparse Volume Textures store baked simulation data representing volumetric media. Further updates affect real-time applications, lens calibration and many other features.

Pebble IMG 4

DMW Awards Silver

SILVER Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K OLPF
Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K OLPF is a new URSA Mini Pro model with a high performance optical low pass filter (OLPF) added to the 12K Super 35 image sensor. When shooting in virtual production environments, the high frequencies of the LED matrix in video walls can cause problems for ultra-sharp modern lenses and high resolution sensors, creating interference patterns. Using an optical low pass filter minimizes that interference, which results in a reduction of moiré and aliasing. As well as the filter, the OLPF incorporates updated IR filtering that improves far red color response which, when combined with Blackmagic RAW processing for the URSA Mini Pro 12K OLPF, preserves colour and image detail.

The camera retains the URSA Mini Pro 12K’s 12,288 x 6480 12K Super 35 sensor and 14 stops of dynamic range, helping to match the advantages of shooting with film including detail, wide dynamic range and rich, deep colour important for immersive, large format IMAX. The extreme definition around objects makes it ideal for working with green screen and VFX including compositing live action and CGI. Generation 5 Color Science supports complex Blackmagic RAW image processing, with colour and dynamic range data from the sensor preserved via metadata for use in post.


DMW Awards Gold w

GOLD manifold CLOUD
manifold CLOUD delivers compression, multi-viewing, routing, up/down/cross conversion, audio/video mixing, colour correction, colour space conversion and other live production functionality as services through a single-sign-on web UI. Designed to run on COTS Intel FPGA acceleration cards from multiple manufacturers, services are created and configured on-demand within a private cloud environment and automatically assigned to an accelerator card.

Services are grouped in clusters that can operate simultaneously - each supporting an individual cluster, such as a sports event or news show. In the event of a hardware or link failure, services are automatically restored on another accelerator card. manifold CLOUD brings the advantages of cloud - scalability, commodity hardware, automatic provisioning, resilience and efficiency while supporting large, live uncompressed workflows with subframe latency and far less power consumption than CPU systems.

DMW Awards Silver

SILVER 7FiveFive Lens Portal
Lens Portal allows users to connect, configure and manage multiple cloud and hybrid editing and workstation environments in one customisable interface, designed for quick remote system deployment. Users can dynamically manage resources, monitor connection quality, support multiple sites and increase workflow visibility.

Lens automatically maintains a minimum level of available workstations and dynamically shuts down unused workstations. Features include self-serve infrastructure, intuitive UX/UI, advanced scheduling and automation, and visualisation tools. With intelligent launch and shutdown, Lens Portal is aware of your workflow, and ensures workstations are only shut down when users have finished their work. Lens Portal is an all-in-one workstation that can transform a media team into a cloud-native, future-proof and productive set up.

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BRONZE Sohonet ClearView Flex on Vmware
ClearView Flex is a real-time remote collaboration platform allows media teams to securely engage in review sessions among team members and clients. Users can live stream encrypted video and audio with sub-100ms latency directly from editorial, VFX workstations or cameras via HDMI, SDI or NDI. It ensures that live content can be accessed on any internet-connected device.

ClearView Flex on VMware allows teams to deploy virtual Flexboxes within their existing virtual hypervisor environment, eliminating the need for the physical Flexbox hardware. Supporting NDI feeds, it reduces the overhead associated with physical hardware and helps teams scale their collaborative efforts in line with changing requirements, while all streaming remains encrypted and secure.

Artificial Intelligence - Machine Learning

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GOLD Visaic Interactive Platform
Visaic is an AI-enabled sports and entertainment engagement platform for digital content delivery and monetization. The Visaic Interactive Platform (VIP) is designed for sports organisations and entertainment brands that want to expand viewership and increase revenue. VIP produces interactive user experiences on any device with hybrid monetization options and AI based tools to improve the system.

VIP’s AI-powered monetisation intelligence engine drives engagement decisions, marketing decisions and tools to convert fans into dedicated followers. VIP enables live streaming at scale and reaches fans online, on social, FAST platforms and in theatres. VIP delivers features such as live DVR, game stats, live clipping, highlights and game downloads.

DMW Awards Silver

SILVER Interra BATON Captions
Interra Systems’ automated BATON Captions helps content providers generate high quality captions and subtitles. Users can use transcribed audio, auto-correct errors, translate captions from one language to another, repurpose captions and perform QC - on premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid system. The latest version supports all popular caption formats from SRT, SCC and TTML to IAM-based S3 access, custom dictionaries, burnt-in captions detection and management, RHEL and the ability to browse and download log files from a web browser.

The core infrastructure has also been upgraded to include distributed processing using multiple nodes, next-generation format-specific checks and support for the QC of stand-alone subtitle files. The platform’s QC reports include any drop or inaccuracies and compliance issues, providing users with automated options for correcting alignment and text. Captions can be checked against actual audio essence, corrected, and exported to any industry-supported caption format.

Its ASR functionality adds accurate time to dialogues in scripts, resulting in faster processing and the ability to repurpose captions helps simplify workflows. It also tracks changes made to media content during post and applies them to captions, ensuring synchronization.

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BRONZE nxtedition OpenAI Whisper Integration
nxtedition now inegrates OpenAI Whisper, a speech-to-text AI, into its platform, allowing content creators and broadcasters to generate accurate captions, subtitles and transcripts for content directly on nxtedition’s private cloud hardware, thereby avoiding the cost of third-party AI services. OpenAI Whisper can also translate using AI, making it a cost-effective tool for multilingual subtitling.

Audio transcription and intelligent content indexing are carried out and include search capabilities. Unlike traditional newsroom workflows, nxtedition transcribes original content on the fly, without transcoding and proxy transfers. This approach enhances indexing for search results and also generates subtitles.



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LTN Lift is a cloud-based playout solution that automates the creation of new channels to reach cross-platform audiences. LTN’s playout, signalling and video transport, based on LTN’s low latency multicast IP network, automate the versioning of a primary linear channel, from which users launch multiple derivative channels with altered programming to fit cross-platform programming requirements. LTN Lift’s built-in signalling and advertising capabilities also lay the foundations for optimising monetisation – on any platform.

With LTN Lift, media organizations, especially those with live programming elements like sports and news-producing channels, can integrate both live and non-live programming within FAST services while tailoring those elements to serve diverse digital audiences – supporting storytelling at a local level. Media owners can scale and regionalise their content without investing in additional CapEx infrastructure, and maximising the yield from content assets.

DMW Awards Silver

SILVER Agile Content OCR Subtitling
Agile Content OCR Subtitling SaaS is a fast, flexible, cost-efficient way to convert subtitles from image-based formats to text-based formats. It can be implemented quickly and works by automatically transcoding image-based subtitles, notably as DVB-SUB formats, into text-based subtitles such as time-stamped text and WebVTT, within frames using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The main advantage of text-based subtitles is that they work on all players, without glitches, and can be adapted to screen size and aspect ratio.

The subtitle transmission unit reads subtitle data from incoming TV signals and transport streams, and the OCR system converts the subtitle data for further processing. The converted subtitle file can be repackaged instantaneously into any ABR format requested by the client device. The service supports over 100 languages, including Asian languages. It delivers high-quality subtitles for any requested format (HLS, MPEG-DASH, MSS) and for multiscreen delivery, enabling dynamic rendering to fit the screen size and the colour preferences.

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BRONZE Quickplay Dynamic Ad Insertion in Live Sports Telecasts
Quickplay’s live sports DAI system that supports DASH and overcomes concurrency concerns through its ability to automatically scale server capacity, and to pre-fetching, process and cache ads in anticipation of upcoming breaks. The dynamic ad stitching service supports DAI workflows using single-period DASH streams as input. It includes direct insertion of ad segments within short media segment sizes using DASH and HLS, supporting both HLS and DASH with low latency and low error rates and full DRM capability.

Based entirely in the cloud, it scales horizontally based on load. The system automatically adds capacity on the back-end when needed so that the provider can optimize the ability to fill ad inventory and monetize telecasts.

Quickplay’s pre-fetching of ad content, has been devised to minimize the impact on servers of hundreds of thousands of simultaneous commercial requests. Often able to sense when breaks will occur, the Quickplay system pre-fetches content several minutes earlier, ensuring ad delivery of ad inventory to all households and increasing brand visibility. To the viewer, the result is an integrated watching experience, rather than intrusions.