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Recording multiple video feeds simultaneously for one or more live events is hardware-intensive and expensive. Organizations tend to provision to support peak usage, which is expensive to purchase and maintain. Scaling your infrastructure on the fly is almost impossible. Providing access to stakeholders across your operation is often a challenge. Dalet InStream mitigates these challenges. Dalet Instream is a cloud-native, elastic IP ingest solution that lets you scale ingest on the fly in seconds in the cloud, reducing the need for peak provisioning. Seamlessly integrated within the Dalet ecosystem,stakeholders can easily and quickly access content streams from anywhere across the operation.

So, if you are covering a special event like the Olympics or World Cup, as your ingest workload shifts and evolves, Dalet InStream will rightsize your ingest operations on a minute-to-minute basis - no matter how large the event. Further, customers can leverage tools such as the web-based media editor Dalet Cut in conjunction with Dalet InStream for live editing, fast-tracking assembly of content for highlights, social sharing, or programs, as well as distribution – all in the cloud.There is no need to invest in additional infrastructure and hardware equipment like servers that will soon become outdated. You pay only for what you need. On average, Dalet InStream users can save between 50 and 80 percent of their current on-premises costs. Dalet InStream FactsDalet InStream can be deployed in a day. No upfront deployment investment. It’s fully integrated with Dalet Flex, Dalet Pyramid, and Dalet Galaxy five.

Dalet InStream supports high-quality dual encoding (proxy and high resolution) with the ability to edit growing files with the Dalet Cut web-based multiformat editor.Dalet InStream is a SaaS solution that delivers continuous updates and reduces administration time and costs. There's no big payment because you have to replace systems as they age out. You can spread your technology budget across much more cost-effective outlays over a longer term.Dalet InStream BenefitsA web-based, centralized monitoring user interface allows users to securely monitor feeds, schedule ingests and crash records. An extensive API allows third party systems to integrate smoothly.

At a Glance- Scale dynamically ingest capabilities based on immediate needs, while maintaining broadcast-quality capture and formats (high resolution and proxy generation).- Bring cloud-native, IP stream ingest functions into the Dalet Flex media asset management and content supply chain platform as well as the Dalet Pyramid and Galaxy five news production ecosystem, supporting growing file workflows and enabling users to get access to content faster.- Manage both streaming ingest and on-premises IP and SDI ingest in a centralized, intuitive user interface.- Support a wide range of broadcast feed formats including SRT, NDI or RTMP from Web sources, Zoom and backpack solutions to ingest live content from the field.