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Category IP Broadcast Solutions - Cloud - Video Processing

DMW Awards Finalist

Livelink offers a robust IP delivery solution, to transport live linear and OTT content from point-to-point or multi-point. It combines a protocol-agnostic, multi-cloud compatible infrastructure with low-latency reach. The Livelink platform simplifies IP workflows so users can self-serve content delivery or benefit from fully managed content services, facilitated by a global network of technical partners. The platform is underpinned by continuous improvement and innovations based on advancements in technology, user feedback, and changes to the way operators work.

The Livelink Self-serve solution provides on-demand infrastructure, whenever and wherever it is needed. Customers can sign-up, present content, create stream variants and then route one-to-many or many-to-many IP feeds, to their global receiving partners. Rather than being locked into proprietary hardware, customers have the option to bring their own broadcast-grade encoding equipment where appropriate.

The Livelink Service Network, is Cerberus Tech’s fully managed service and builds increased connectivity in regions which can be challenging or expensive to reach with traditional broadcasting methods. A network of global teleports and technical partners, support the transport of all major live IP protocols, including Zixi, RIST and SRT, with an end-to-end service.

With Livelink, content owners are no longer required to convert at source using expensive single-use equipment, or via a service provider at a mid-point in the distribution chain. Its cloud-native frame and format conversion runs on available CPU cycles in cloud compute engines. This reduces dependence on specialist hardware and mitigates the risks associated with the current global supply chain challenges. Additionally, with its on-demand pricing structure, Livelink cuts the cost of conversion to a fraction of traditional installations. The ability to move infrastructure into a stasis mode means companies can reduce costs and work in a more sustainable way, with no wasted resources.

Throughout November 2022, Cerberus Tech will be releasing a number of improvements to Livelink. Users can now access detailed event reports, enhanced monitoring and alerts, and advanced real-time transcoding capabilities. A refreshed User Interface (UI) provides broadcast engineers with an intuitive User Experience (UX), faster navigation between actions, and the ability for one engineer to manage many simultaneous live workflows.