Beam Dynamics - Beam’s Asset Intelligence Platform


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Beam’s Asset Intelligence Platform is a comprehensive system that enables live tracking of statuses, locations, and operations of all technology assets. This platform maintains a visible log of both current and historical technical and financial performance of every equipment asset, ranging from production assets, such as cameras, lenses, and accessories, to a full studio and playout infrastructure.The solution provides a single interface for entire production organizations to manage and maintain their technical equipment infrastructure.

It allows companies to create intelligence around the management, movement, and service of all production assets, locations, and people. By combining data from over 10,000 industry vendors with existing asset data, the platform delivers significant cost savings and efficiency for production facilities and teams.Organizations can extract value and savings by using Beam to gain complete visibility into the performance, usage, and ownership of every asset across all production environments and locations in a single solution.

Beam increases the speed and ease of data entry, automating 75% of what used to be a manual entry for engineers on set or in production environments. This additional data can then be utilized by financial teams to extract monetary value and by the operations team to increase overall organizational efficiency.Beam is fully customizable to fit the unique workflows and needs of every organization.

Its flexibility provides organizations with the ability to configure tags, workflows, and locations in a way that suits them, while also providing customizations for every user to set up the system as best meets their job role. Moreover, Beam is built for the unique needs and requirements of enterprise organizations that must have unified reporting across locations and the security, uptime, and performance to be utilized during mission-critical productions.Features Overview - https:/www.beamdynamics.io/features Interactive Preview - https:/preview.beamdynamics.io/