Alteon Cloud


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DMW Awards Finalist

Alteon Cloud is a comprehensive content management and collaboration system designed by creatives, for creatives. It helps individual content creators, companies and clients work together more easily, tackling key pain points for creative professionals by enabling users to collaborate seamlessly, work more efficiently and organize assets more intuitively. It allows for timestamped comments, flexible cloud storage, multiple NLE integrations (including Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro) and secure file sharing, all from a single hub that streamlines creative workflows by consolidating different tools into one.

Creators start by uploading media to the secure cloud platform, built on IBM Cloud, either through their browser or Alteon’s desktop uploader application. All video files are transcoded automatically upon upload, making either the original or proxy downloadable at any time. Media can also be batch tagged upon upload for easier organization—or tagged after the fact.

Once uploaded, assets can be stored in Active, Nearline or Archive storage, saving users money on finished projects. Media can be moved between storage classes quickly with a single click and can be shared with anyone using secure password-protected links that automatically expire (if desired) once uploaded. Creators can invite collaborators to review and contribute to projects or simply send upload-request links to people not signed up to Alteon, so they can upload assets to specific projects. Team leaders can create Group accounts to simplify collaboration. Once collaborators have access to the files, they can leave comments timestamped down to the millisecond to communicate and review files more easily.

Post-production creatives who use either Adobe Premiere Pro (https://exchange.adobe.com/apps/cc/107679/alteon-cloud-extension) or Apple Final Cut Pro (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/alteon-io/id1641172792) can download either of the free extensions for those NLEs to open an Alteon panel within their software of choice, reducing window toggling and allowing creatives to immediately access footage housed in the cloud. When footage is checked back into the cloud, Alteon updates originals and proxy files automatically. The result simplifies every step of the creative process, from large file transfers to asset storage and remote collaboration.

With strategic partnerships with companies including IBM, Teradek, Bluescape, and Vidispine, Alteon Cloud is able to help deliver professional-grade production tools to everyone in the industry, democratizing the industry so creators of all backgrounds can access the best quality technology—all at an affordable price.