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DMW Awards Finalist

The past two decades have taught us a lot about the evolution of technology within the media space. No longer passive, audiences demand interactive services that fit in with their everyday lifestyle, from small tablet like devices to pocket sized smartphones, content can be accessed and consumed in seconds. However, a shift from legacy hardware to more flexible and cheaper cloud options, has led to a cascading row of changes inside the model. Now, there’s a need to keep control and visibility of all things security and have a standardised set of processed for managing all devices.

That’s why Agile Content’s We Box Control now serves an in-demand market for ‘device management’, to serve full management and remote assistance of devices that run Android operating systems using a single and easy-to-use interface. The ability to control any device networks from anywhere, at any time, allowing for instantaneous upgrades to applications in devices of any choice, is key. This also includes even blocking them from undesired usage and separating these devices into batches. Using it, companies can manage, monitor, and secure their devices to ensure maximum performance from their operations. This powerful solution can provide better technical support for end-users too.

Customer support teams can access any device remotely, assess the issue, and fix it in an instant. This leads to savings on the operational cost front as well as increases in efficiency, as well as longer lifecycles for devices and an uplift in customer satisfaction. Industries that can benefit from WeBoxControl include Telcos and PayTV, hospitality, healthcare, as well as education.What are the latest updates we've made since 2021? Several upgrade since the initial release date, including new product UI/UX, cascading ROM updates which allow us to fully update hundreds of thousands of different STBs, Android 13.0 full integration and remote assistance 3.0.

Including - Assisted reboot: remote assistance tracks the entire reboot progress - New network tab: tab with detailed information on device network - Logcat tab: new tab with live logcat and live filters - Screencast - WBC keyboard Why should we win? The one differentiator that sets up apart from other competitors is that our solution sits within one managed TV service part of a wider ecosystem offering through the Agile Content platform, including: processing, experience, delivery, AdTech, and management. Tapping into that industry knowledge, experience, and historical success, through the recent acquisition of WeTek’s We Box Control, sets customers on a path to future success. By managing all the deployed hardware from one single place, customers are now able to see what their audiences are experiencing and can act on it, without ever setting foot on the deployment site. Studies have shown that 30% of all on-site repairs can be avoided and are caused by the client not being able to properly explain the malfunction. We Box Control taps into a market that desperately requires a new way of thinking and managing legacy hardware that will ultimately reduce their customer churn, overall costs, and any bad technical support experiences – prioritising time and efficiency.