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In September 2023, Accedo One made updates to its existing marketplace by taking a reimagined look at the sustainability factors it encompassed. Accedo has added a wide range of criteria targeting sustainability.

This enables enable video service providers to make buying decisions based not only on product features, but also on sustainable KPIs such as carbon impact, audience influence and community impact.It showcases the following features as per the update on 15th September:•DPP Committed to Sustainability Program score•SBTi committed or approved targets•CDP score•UN Global Compact membership•Sustainability report (availability of annual report)These criteria bring together a number of different aspects of sustainability, thereby providing customers with a solid level of transparency into the sustainability status of a potential supplier. Accedo’s partners, Brightcove and Cleeng have both demonstrated their commitment to sustainability, as evident on their Accedo One Sustainable Marketplace listing.

Additionally, as well as a supplier being classed as sustainable having made commitments on a corporate level, it may also provide products and services that actively help to reduce the carbon footprint of an OTT service. Accedo’s partner’s Bitmovin Player’s ECO mode and Humans Not Robots’ HNR to ZERO platform are both listed on the Accedo One Sustainable Marketplace and fall into this sustainable products category.With the Sustainable Marketplace, Accedo is inviting everyone to contribute to the next generation of sustainable video services. Accedo envisions that any streaming company should be able to build a sustainable video platform, but they need to know which vendors and products have made a commitment to sustainability.Accedo is also taking steps to improve the sustainability of its own business, products and services, recently achieving a four leaves classification on the DPP Committed to Sustainability assessment.

In addition, Accedo has made a number of other official sustainability commitments, by being a CDP respondent, having validated Science-Based Targets and being member of the UN Global Compact.With the new updates, Accedo One Marketplace now highlights sustainable products and features, shows the level of sustainability commitments of Accedo One vendors from a corporate perspective and enables users to book a consultation with Accedo to help on their sustainability journey.