Codemill - Cantemo


Category  Production - Automation

Cantemo is a hybrid-cloud, Media Asset Management system that supports efficient, remote production workflows. The scalable and modular MAM provides fast search and playback and can be easily integrated with mainstream third-party tools, enabling users to continue to work with their files in the normal way while Cantemo takes care of metadata management in the background.

Cantemo runs on customer or partner managed infrastructure (such as physical servers, Virtual Machines in private/public cloud, or in a hybrid combination), with the ability to manage collections, assets, versions and metadata, across all major storage platforms and services. In the backend, Cantemo uses powerful Vidispine media backbone REST APIs and is available globally through channel partners, as a user-based software subscription.

Using Cantemo as a central store and point of reference, users can extend their media asset workflow by integrating their favourite tools. Cantemo takes care of the fundamentals such as movement of files and proxy generation.

The latest version, Cantemo 6, features improvements to the overall User Experience (UX) and the design of the UI, to simplify the searching and filtering of results. The asset page layouts have been redesigned to improve user interaction patterns, with new on-screen action buttons. With additional enhancements to the BPMN 2.0 Rules Engine for improved workflow automation.

Additionally, Cantemo 6 now features Accurate Player as the default media player. Accurate Player is an advanced browser-based professional media player, featuring frame-accurate playback of video, with multiple subtitles and multi-track audio switching, comprehensive keyboard controls, and powerful content security options, including DRM and watermarking.

Cantemo 6 is a major release that offers a completely refreshed UI and includes a range of new features and integrations. It utilises metadata in a unique and intuitive way, that can streamline professional post-production workflows, whether they are working remotely or not, saving media organisations significant time and resources.