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nxtedition - Virtual Assets

Category  Streaming - Playout - Production - Video Processing - Automation

DMW Awards Finalist

nxtedition virtual assets was designed to remove the complexity from the task of integrating multiple APIs from different vendors, allowing users to search web content, social media, an entire news wire service API, email or legacy archive system from directly inside nxtedition. With virtual assets the integration process is faster, smoother and requires no complex engineering.

Usually, integrating different vendor product APIs involves highly technical API calls held together by glue, which can be fragile and difficult to maintain. This makes leveraging the full potential of their investments a hurdle for a traditional broadcaster. The addition of nxtedition's latest virtual assets feature makes the complex task of integrating different product APIs from different vendors far more simple and effective.

nxtedition virtual assets was designed to remove the complexity from the task of integrating multiple APIs from different vendors. With the addition of this new feature, when a nxtedition user selects a 'domain' outside of nxtedition, virtual assets will switch to the third-party API and fetch all the data, content, and metadata, displaying it to the user within the nxtedition user interface.

For example, if a user switches to the newswire services domain, then nxtedition's search facility can search the entire news services API directly from nxtedition. Users can preview that content within nxtedition, where only the proxy is streamed from the newswires API rather than the high-res version. If the user then requires the high res version, then they can harvest it through the virtual assets API directly into nxtedition for immediate use on-air or in digital posts to social or web. Virtual assets handles all the transactions at the news wire services end.

The virtual assets feature behaves like an OS for third-party systems by integrating them deeply into the nxtedition user experience. The same applies to social media, where Tweets or Facebook comments can be virtually ingested and organized in storyboards or sent to html graphic templates. Entire legacy archives can be searched through their APIs instantly, and relevant clips can be brought in on demand. Email inboxes can also be deeply integrated, harvested, and used for story ideas or content.