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Densitron - Tactila

IP Broadcast Solutions

Combining the advantages of graphical displays with touch-screen based controls and tactile objects, Tactila gives users the satisfaction of feeling as if they are engaging with traditional control mechanisms. An innovative combination of a powerful ARM based computer and integral high-resolution display providing a flexible graphical user interface paired with tactile rotary knobs. Design your own fully functioning graphic user interface and combine it with innovative rotary knobs via the installed Aurora™ software ecosystem that utilises industry standard Qt Creator.

The development kit comes with everything you need to create your proprietary control surface and test it on the evaluation platform. All your designs can be transferred to other TFT-Touchscreens offering similar pixel-sizes. The demo software provides examples of typical UIs. It is possible to develop fully working control surfaces for any application such as audio mixing consoles, audio and video controllers, lighting consoles, building- and home automation controllers, machine controllers and additional applications.