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MediaCentral | Stream

IP Broadcast Solutions

Avid MediaCentral | Stream is an agnostic and software-only solution that enables the ingest of incoming IP streams for television news and remote live TV production scenarios in both on-premises and cloud-based production workflows. Supporting IP contribution from anywhere on any device – including cameras, encoders, mobile devices, and apps – MediaCentral | Stream unlocks the power of IP for production applications running on Avid’s MediaCentral platform.

With more companies adopting IP for contribution using mobile networks and standard internet to reduce costs and broaden coverage with fewer resources, MediaCentral | Stream enables simple, secure and reliable contribution from multiple incoming IP streams into the MediaCentral platform for fast content turnaround delivered to linear and digital platforms. Users can preview incoming streams, record them in production friendly formats and edit media while the recording is ongoing. With support for the two most common IP stream protocols, RTMP and SRT, users get access to a flexible and scalable architecture regardless of where the production is deployed.

MediaCentral | Stream simplifies the processes involved in remote IP contribution, while increasing revenue opportunities by reducing operational expenses, enabling greater coverage with fewer resources, and shortening time-to-air for breaking news. Content delivered via compressed IP streams can be used like any other content ingested into Avid production environments, such as via SDI recordings or file-based ingest. This avoids disruption to well-established workflows and makes it easier for media received via IP streams to be previewed and edited within MediaCentral l Cloud UX, Media Composer and other production tools.

Users can produce content for remote events faster, so they can be shared quicker. Teams can receive streams from remote senders in a variety of formats and have them available in the production system as growing media as quickly as possible. This lets them produce stories for digital distribution and linear broadcast even while the recording is ongoing, all safe in the knowledge that security is assured through end-to-end encryption and secure authentication processes.

Key features and benefits:

● Work from anywhere, with anyone – MediaCentral | Stream is ideal for teams incorporating content directly on-site and from home or
from the field into production. The software’s open architecture also enables compatibility with most of today’s biggest industry
partners, including Sony, TVU Networks, LiveU, Haivision, and more.

● Capture and monetize the contribution over IP – With the ease and cost savings of sending signals for the Internet, contribution over IP
is increasing rapidly. Users have a flexible and easy-to-use software solution that allows them to capitalize on this growing wealth of
material. MediaCentral | Stream allows organizations to provide broader coverage of more stories, offering new content and
monetization possibilities while reducing costs and resource requirements.

● Shorten response time – With MediaCentral | Stream, users don’t need to wait for the signals to finish recording. They can edit media
while it’s being captured, allowing teams to deliver breaking stories faster. Users can beat the competition by sharing new footage
directly to social media, a website, and other digital platforms while the recording is in progress.

● Gain better workflow and cost efficiency – MediaCentral | Stream simplifies the processes involved in remote IP contribution while
reducing operational expenses.