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Software Defined Video Platform

Artificial intelligence AI

Zixi are creators of the Software-Defined Video Platform, the only platform enabling dependable, live broadcast-quality video over any IP network, any protocol, any cloud and any edge device. Zixi’s Software-Defined Video Platform enables media and entertainment companies to migrate their workflow control points from on-premise infrastructures with local operational and engineering resources to remotely managed workflows that leverage existing infrastructures and extend those capabilities to the Cloud (public and private) while allowing the agility, flexibility, scale and security with the Quality of Service that professional broadcast requires.

Zixi is a one-stop-shop provider of the most advanced and lowest latency streaming protocol, detailed analytics/logistics, remote monitoring & management, AI & machine learning tools. Their SDVP helps organizations of all sizes build the most efficient, quality and cost-effective infrastructure with a variety of resources, including the help of their knowledgeable solutions engineers. The Zixi Platform is the only platform making it easy and economical for media organizations to source, manage, localize, and distribute live events and 24/7 live linear channels in broadcast QoS, securely and at scale, using any form of IP network or Hybrid environment. Zixi ensures its customers and partners receive broadcast-quality live video contribution, transport, and delivery over IP by bringing hardware, software, and cloud solutions under one platform.

The Zixi Software-Defined Video Platform consists of a tight integration of four crucial elements. First are the protocols, including the time tested Zixi protocol which has been in mission critical use for over a decade, as well as newer protocols such as RIST and SRT and common industry protocols such as RTP, RTMP, HLS, and DASH. In total Zixi supports 17 different protocols and containers – the only software platform designed for live video to do so. Second is the Zixi Video Solutions Stack, which is the software that manages all the protocols and collects analytics and layers intelligence on top of the protocols such as bonding and hitless failover. Third is the ZEN Master control plane that allows users to intelligently provision, deploy, manage, and monitor thousands of content channels across the Zixi Enabled Network.

The fourth element is the Zixi Intelligent Data Platform, which brings together cutting-edge data analytics tools with prescriptive solutions to help stay ahead of issues before they become serious complications. The IDP provides users dashboard views of their infrastructure and stays atop the health of crucial components within a given system, learning and improving the experience continuously for both the back-of-house developers/engineers as well as end-users.

For over 10+ years the Zixi Enabled Network, Zixi’s worldwide network of interconnected devices and users, has grown to over 300 OEM and Service Provider Partners, adding 100 partners in the past year alone that span every portion of the end-to-end broadcast workflow. Partners include AWS, Blackbird, Evertz, Microsoft, IBM, Vimond and MediaKind. Zixi serves well over 700 customers, with 20,000+ channel services delivered daily to 100,000+ endpoints globally. Some of Zixi’s recent customers include Warner Media, Vimeo, FuboTV, Univision, Music Choice and the US Agency for Global Media.