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Streaming - Compression

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intoPIX's small, lightweight, low power 8K IP-cores are designed for FPGA (Xilinx & Intel) and ASIC (TSMC, ...). They support the UHDTV-2 format up to 60 or 120fps, up to 444 and up to 12 bits.. Fully compliant with the JPEG XS ISO norm, they also include additional innovative processing tech-niques, extending the coding range and vastly increasing image quality well beyond the standard.

The intoPIX IP-cores offer major advantages :
- No compromise on quality: It is visually lossless, as defined in the JPEG XS standard and it supports the complete UHDTV2 specification
- No perceptible delay: Encoding/decoding is performed in less than ONE millisecond in total. With only 32 lines of delay end-to-end, you can execute multiple compression stages in your workflow while keeping the overall latency imperceptible. Visually lossless video quality is maintained even at a compression ratio of 16:1.
- No costly memory usage: The light line buffers are handled entirely in the internal RAMs.
- Manageable streams: your compressed stream will be transported over standard IP networks such as 2.5Gbps or 10Gbps Ethernet.

A bonus feature is the embedded 2-level downscaler in the decoder: HD & 4K resolutions can be extracted from an 8K TICO-XS compressed stream without any additional processing.

With a full suite of CPU and GPU SDKs available, the intoPIX 8K solutions are key to get the best out of 8K without any compromise.

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