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Landmark Sales as a Managed Service

Virtualisation - Media Functions as a Service

Today’s media environment is challenging, particularly from an advertising sales perspective. Advertisers want placement across myriad multimedia delivery modes — traditional broadcast, digital, new media, mobile, and more. Campaigns are becoming increasingly complex, advertisers are demanding new levels of accountability, and content owners are being charged with maximizing revenue and optimizing the use of inventory.

Imagine’s Landmark™ Sales ― a widely deployed solution that enables media companies to create and deliver efficient ad sales campaigns across platforms ― has been designed to help manage the challenges and effectuate the rewards of this multifaceted selling environment. Landmark Sales offers three deployment models: traditional on-prem, remote facilities management, and the latest offering, which enables Landmark Sales to be deployed as a cloud-based fully managed service.

In direct response to market demand, Imagine introduced Landmark Sales as a Managed Service with benefits including:
Allowing media operations to focus on business plans, rather than managing the application and infrastructure
Removing difficulties in finding qualified subject matter experts
Delivering overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) improvements for customers and reduces CAPEX investment to OPEX
investments with predictable pricing
Freeing up staff to focus on strategic duties to bring greater return to the business
Reducing downtime risk, with flexible DR and backup offerings ― innovation realized via Landmark Sales technical
upgrades included with the Managed Service

Imagine’s Landmark Sales platform manages billions of dollars of advertising inventory for leading media companies around the world. It allows media companies to deliver efficient ad sales campaigns across platforms by leveraging a range of pricing strategies and using multiple sales methodologies.

The system executes advertising campaigns across multichannel, multimedia environments and provides total control over available inventory to ensure efficient and effective time utilization. Imagine customers can use Landmark Sales to maximize revenue and control operational costs across linear, on-demand, linear addressable and web or display platforms through efficient use of inventory, comprehensive business data insights and a suite of automated tools.

Landmark Sales as a Managed Service allows customers to use the Landmark Sales application running in the Imagine cloud environment, where it is hosted, managed, monitored, and secured. Imagine’s turnkey, cloud-based advertising management solution enables customers to focus on their core business priorities to maximize sales without the burden of underlying technical complexities. It is a full package that customers can take advantage of using the application without worrying about the infrastructure challenges.

Landmark Sales as a Managed Service provides a comprehensive solution to monetize audiences across platforms, with the tools and visibility to strategically drive revenue growth and streamline operations.

In September of this year, Discovery deployed Landmark Sales as a Managed Service as part of their continued effort to virtualize broadcast and global infrastructure operations. The benefits for Discovery include reduced infrastructure costs, increased performance and improved management of linear airtime sales across a diverse advertising ecosystem.

Landmark Sales as a Managed Service can be tailored to fit different business objectives. Consolidating ad sales and fulfillment across multiple platforms has allowed Discovery to unlock new revenue opportunities, and by moving this functionality to the Imagine Managed Service it has ensured the team can focus on the business, not running infrastructure.

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