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Moving content between ubiquitous, uncompressed baseband SDI to and from a range of efficient streaming and contribution codecs, protocols and transports is critical, and developing a pipeline to support this pursuit has traditionally proven expensive and inefficient. To meet this demand, AJA Video Systems has introduced BRIDGE LIVE, a powerful new plug-and-play gateway streaming solution for UltraHD and multichannel HD video processing.

Designed in partnership with Comprimato, BRIDGE LIVE is a turnkey solution built for critical streaming applications with high performance 12G-SDI video encoding/decoding, simultaneous encoding/decoding in HD, stream-based transcoding, flexible I/O, comprehensive metadata support and closed caption support, all within a compact 1RU form factor with redundant power supplies. Fusing AJA’s production proven I/O technology with Comprimato’s powerful encoding, decoding and transcoding software, BRIDGE LIVE makes it easy to move UltraHD or multi-channel HD video between uncompressed baseband SDI to/from a wide range of streaming and contribution codecs.

Versatile by design, BRIDGE LIVE meets the rigorous live video production and delivery demands of Telco, IPTV, and cable operations, broadcast facilities and OB trucks, sports arenas, houses of worship, and beyond. Its intuitive interface helps professionals seamlessly mesh HD/UltraHD SDI and streaming/IP for live workflows using H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, and H.262/MPEG-2 TS, as well as JPEG 2000 via an additional license. BRIDGE LIVE can be used as a “set and forget” resource, working in the background to convert baseband video to and from live compressed streams, including multiple stream outputs and destinations from SDI inputs. BRIDGE LIVE also supports a wide variety of audio stream and codec choices from AAC to uncompressed PCM, with the ability to apply gain and sample rate conversion and remap channels.

Providing advanced flexibility, BRIDGE LIVE supports a host of protocols and configuration/monitoring options for remote workflows including REST API and SNMP. Built-in dual 10 GigE network ports provide ample bandwidth to move multiple streams of HD or UltraHD, and with the reliability of SRT as standard, neither public internet security concerns nor unreliable networks will prove an issue. Comprehensive metadata coverage includes support for closed captioning and ad insertion markers, as well as the ability to embed subtitles. BRIDGE LIVE makes it easy to deliver powerful results, whether streaming to a platform like YouTube, Facebook or Twitch; encoding produced video for distribution to OTT packaging; providing the video output from facility equipment to artists and clients for remote collaboration; or transporting/contributing video feeds from remote locations to a data center or media facility.

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