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Curator Arrival

Production - Digital Asset Management

DMW Awards Silver

Curator is IPV’s flagship media asset management system MAM, designed with superior remote capabilities and intelligent search at its core - not a bolted on afterthought. Simply stated, Curator enables teams to access footage easily and edit faster without needing to be tethered to a central studio or specific geographical location. Not only does Curator make creating new content a faster, more frictionless experience through instant access to media, it maximises ROI on existing assets with its intelligent search capabilities aided by automated metadata logging. It’s a world class solution used by some of the world’s largest media organizations and brands including Hearst, NASA, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, The Home Depot and more.

Specifically, Curator enhances remote workflows through a process where all ingested and stored video is converted into proxies 2% of the original file size. These proxies are streamed - not downloaded - to remote workers’ computers. This technology represents a significant advantage over downloading proxies for remote working and collaboration among distributed teams. Downloading proxies involves wait times that disrupt productivity and creative flow. It's worth pointing out that streaming proxies with Curator don't require a fast Internet connection - anything over 2 Mbps will do, and latency under 150ms will provide a super-smooth experience.

Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects users will find that Curator for Adobe, an Adobe Extension Panel, brings Curator's search and discover, and remote editing power directly into Premiere Pro and After Effects. The Panel gives editors direct access to all their available video and graphic assets, metadata, markers, comments, etc., regardless of where they (or the assets) are in the world. Editors can connect directly to their on-site storage to access the original hi-res assets, or they can access 2% streamed proxies of the assets from anywhere in the world.

Curator is uniquely positioned to be a long term solution for media organizations and broadcasters during an era of unprecedented remote work. It's been designed for remote work from the inside out, with today’s video professionals in mind. In contrast, other MAM solutions have added short term solutions for remote working that provide a clunky user experience, interrupting workflows and slowing down productions, ultimately increasing overall cost. Curator is a solution designed to mitigate business risks by empowering companies to maximize ROI on assets by making them easily searchable.

Curator takes the guesswork out of locating assets, making them easier to find and therefore more usable and more valuable. With Curator Clip Link, a web interface that offers AI-enabled, contextually-relevant faceted search, users can find the assets and specific clips needed in seconds. An intuitive suggestive-search experience makes it easy to explore and discover the available video content and metadata within, without asking for help. Not only does this cut down on the need to shoot new content but it makes existing assets more valuable and more likely to be reused.