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StudioDirector 2.0

Broadcast Graphics - Automation

DMW Awards Silver

Automation at the heart of the running order
OpenMedia StudioDirector extends MOS integration out to studio automation software, enabling a whole range of time-saving tasks to be completed from the running order.

Reducing repetitive tasks

StudioDirector 2.0 allows news organisations to offload the monotonous and repetitive tasks such as inserting automation MOS commands and ensuring all required graphics are linked or de-linked before going to air. Journalists and directors can select the desired studio layout for their stories in a show from a predefined list of models. Once the studio layout has been set, StudioDirector applies the required automation commands to the story and adjusts existing MOS commands if needed. Repetitive tasks, such as insertions and coding the story with the proper automation commands (graphics, camera directives etc) are managed by the StudioDirector in the background.

This dramatically frees up valuable editorial time and reduces the chance of errors, especially when it comes to last-minute edits on fast-moving stories.

Individual layouts

Each studio layout for a specific show is defined within separate models that contain all mandatory graphics elements, video clips, camera, live, microphone and other directives, and the essential MOS commands for running studio automation. Models are typically stored within a show type definition which acts as template for all possible studio layouts for the specific show.

Compatibility checks

StudioDirector 2.0 reduces errors, human or otherwise. It checks whether the inserted graphic elements in the story (ie lower thirds, Media/Topic wall graphics) are compatible with the selected camera angles in a model/studio layout. If a graphic cannot be properly shown within the shooting range of the camera, the problem is flagged up.

Powerful previews

Visual images for the different models in a show highlight the final broadcast camera viewpoints and provide a fast and intuitive check mechanism, as well as ensuring a diversity of camera moves and viewpoints through the course of the show.

Easy editing

A fully featured toolkit allows designers to swiftly change models and StudioDirector 2.0 settings quickly with no downtime necessary. Stories can also be copied or moved from one show type to another. StudioDirector can either set a default model for the show or use a mapped destination model for the new story.