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Production - Cameras

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Radio Visualization
Viura is our solution for intelligent camera control in radio studios for editors and presenters. The solution works manufacturer-independent from playout and editorial software on the basis of selected video hardware and our control software.

By microphone-level detection, fader starts or by key action, the software automatically switches to the corresponding configured camera in the studio. Packaging elements, such as lower thirds or broadcast logos, are generated automatically and can also be displayed automatically or by pressing a button. Additional overlays, images or video sequences can be imported from third-party software.

Viura’s key benefits for radio studios include
Automatic operations with no additional studio staff required
 Event-controlled camera changes (e.g. by microphone input level, fader starts, etc.
 Individual logos and texts displayed
 Automatic background recording
 Workflow can be implemented with any mixing console using Ember+
Integrated touch interface