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Crew in a Box

IP Broadcast Solutions - Remote Production

Crew in a Box is the world’s first professional-quality, plug-and-play, remote production solution.
When the pandemic started, all traditional video productions completely shut down, and many began to look for other ways to produce content. Some turned to Zoom or asked talent to film themselves with their phones, resulting in poor image and sound quality, as well as bad lighting. Others turned to drop kits, or various pieces of professional equipment that talent sometimes had to assemble to shoot themselves. Even when assembled by a technician outside the home, drop kits led to frustrated talent and clients, as many of the components could not be controlled remotely, giving filmmakers little to no control over the production.

Crew in a Box became a solution to all of those problems. It launched in June and was quickly embraced by multiple major brands and over ten broadcast networks, including ABC, NBC, FOX, and ViacomCBS. For talent who aren’t yet comfortable with returning to a traditional set, or media companies not willing to assume the risks associated with Covid-19, Crew in a Box is an incredibly safe way to achieve a high-quality production without requiring talent to leave home.

Crew in a Box arrives at talent’s doorstep in a fully disinfected military-grade case containing a 6k cinema camera, expandable 3-foot wide LED light capable of dimming and color temperature changes, direct address teleprompter/Interrotron, detachable 2nd teleprompter/Interrotron monitor for off-axis eyelines, and two professional microphones. Each component works together in a fully integrated system that is completely remotely controlled.
On-camera talent simply opens the box and plugs it in, and Crew in a Box automatically connects over the Internet to a remote team of filmmakers who control every component in the box. This is achieved with cellular bonding, without needing to connect to the user’s home Wi-Fi network, eliminating concerns of compromised security.  
Clients and crew join a video conference where they view a beautiful, high-resolution feed from the camera and participate as if they were on set, while the director appears on Crew in a Box’s Interrotron to direct the talent, creating an incredibly seamless experience for all involved.  High-resolution video, up to 6K, is recorded inside the box, but clients can also choose to livestream the shoot.

While Crew in a Box was developed in response to the pandemic, the system has been embraced as a cost-effective, long-term solution that excels in the following situations:
Direct-to-camera address for commercials, promos, etc.
Interviews featuring both into and off-camera eyelines
Roundtable discussions with talent in different locations
Variety and talk shows with remote guests
Reality TV Confessionals
Press Junkets
Talent in locations without access to great crews
Not only is Crew in a Box successful in fulfilling an obvious industry need, but it is meritorious on an innovation level as well. Its inventors found novel ways to use existing technology, innovated new software and production processes, and then put it all together in an efficient, functional design, to build a stand-alone remote production solution that offers the ability to remotely control every component and affords high production value, while being incredibly easy to use for the talent receiving it. The invention currently has multiple patents pending.
In a year dominated by Covid-19, that has seen increased hardship across the video production industry, Crew in a Box is proud to have kept crews working, albeit remotely, during a time when many studios have gone dark, and will continue to provide a cost efficient solution in the future.