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BATON Captions

Post Production - QC/QA

DMW Awards Silver

Captions have long been mandated by all major broadcasters, and now with the rise in global consumption of online content, captions and subtitles represent an amazing opportunity for television viewers to watch and comprehend foreign-language content with ease. However, captions can be tedious and expensive to produce. Also, when transitional issues happen throughout the file-based workflow, the delivery of captions becomes more complex.

Given the massive amount of content that is being created today, broadcasters and media companies need an efficient way to create high-quality captions, which are legally required in many regions of the world.

BATON Captions is a new addition to Interra Systems’ comprehensive automated QC platform BATON that simplifies this process and improves workflow efficiency utilizing ML and automatic speech recognition technology. Using this solution, broadcasters and media companies can ensure that when content is delivered in multiple video quality levels within OTT video streams, the captions maintain a high quality. BATON Captions enables users to address all of their captioning needs, from caption generation to QC, auto corrections, review, and editing. Easily integrated with the third-party tools, the application comes with a feature-rich review and editing platform with frame-accurate playback options, supporting a host of subtitle and closed caption formats so broadcasters and other media professionals can deliver content on a global scale with ease.

Utilizing this high-performance solution, broadcasters and media companies can dramatically expedite the caption creation and verification processes for both live and VOD content.

BATON Captions tackles a critical industry challenge: how to generate and distribute a high volume of content while assuring high-quality captions. What makes BATON Captions unique is its industry-leading performance and technology innovation. Through ML and state-of-the-art speech recognition technology, BATON Captions dramatically expedites the caption creation and verification processes for both live and VOD content. In doing so, BATON Captions ultimately helps drive globalization of content for broadcasters and other media professionals.