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Streaming - OTT/IPTV systems

With so much competition for attention, broadcasters, content owners and TV providers are constantly looking for ways to build next-generation online TV networks that meet viewers’ demands. Consumers now have more options than ever before, putting pressure on content providers to reach audiences where they want to be reached and provide a tailor-made, glitch-free service in a cost-efficient manner.

This is where Edgeware’s content processing platform StreamBuilder comes into play. StreamBuilder does the preparation of live and VoD content that is necessary for OTT distribution to any device. Featuring a family of products and capabilities – including accurate segmentation of streams, storing content for time-shift services and just in time ABR packaging for OTT streaming – StreamBuilder gives content providers the tools to capitalize on their content and reach a wider range of customers.

For example, StreamBuilder’s Virtual Channel Creation solution can be used to create regionalized online channels helping TV providers increase their relevance and reach to local audiences, attract advertisers and add new revenue streams. The streaming domain-based solution avoids the significant investment in storage and encoder capacity that has traditionally been required. Content stitching technology allows customers to stitch different type of content together from different sources in order to create whole new channels or live streams – such as local news or weather content and regional ads – with broadcast grade quality. This is made possible through the platform’s Ingest and Segmentation product, which features advanced capabilities in synchronizing audio, video and subtitling segments to deliver a glitch-free viewing experience.

The regionalized online channels are cost-efficiently created for any ABR format – such as HLS, DASH and MSS.
StreamBuilder also includes a multi-device subtitling functionality, which enables easy image to text-based subtitling for online TV. The deployment flexibility of StreamBuilder provides users with the option to deploy StreamBuilder in the cloud of their choice, on-premises or as a managed service (Saas) with Edgeware Cloud Service.

This all empowers TV providers to create online TV channels that are fit for the future by adding revenue, responding to advertisers’ aims, meeting viewers’ demands and improving quality of service (QoS).

A1 Telekom Austria Group, the leading provider of digital communications services in Central and Eastern Europe, recently deployed StreamBuilder to help maximize audience reach for its new content and streaming platform. Tapping into the platform’s segmentation and packaging functionality, A1 has been able to meet the demand for multi-screen viewing across multiple devices and accelerate its new OTT offering in a highly competitive market.